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HI guys I know this is the Competence?¿,I think not, Unity is another thing but I want comment because is an interesting notice.


Competition? GLBasic has no competition!
I thought unity was only to make web based games.

Do you know any popular games made with unity?
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


There is a bunch, I once in while play Running with rifles with a few friends.


Hemlos Unity have a lot of games very popular, you have to think it's the tool for excelence in all Indie and Semi-Pro Studios, I don't know about a AAA game, for this you have UDK (free too and work in linux too).

The good point of Unity is very easy do something in 3D, Shiva is more easy but do a 3D game , I want say a nice 3D game you need millions of hours working in a game.

Another point is, the 3D games like to the people, becuase I read with Unity the people are doing basically 2D games, in fact Unity3d have a plugin for do only 2D games.. then use GLbasic  =D =D , and sure GLbasic for 2D is too much better and too much funny than Unity3d... and more cheaper.  =D

Ian Price

The thing with Unity to a lot of people seems to be how quickly they can make 3D (and now 2D) games and push them onto a huge number of different platforms - including mobile and console, with very little coding experience. There's a WiiU developer (RCMADIAX - http://www.rcmadiax.com/other-games/) that's pumping out tons of crap on a regular basis, simply because he can.
I came. I saw. I played.


Also, unity has a way of doing stuff very similar to a standard 3d package, flash and after effects.
So a lot of visual artists that are used to those can almost instantly make something.
I also still hear problems with unity and 2d.

But overall it is nice to have another dev tool for linux users.


Yes Erico I ear too a lot of people change Flash for Unity3d , I ear too the same problems with 2D.
It's a good soft, but very expensive you have to pay for all, except for desktop platforms. And each platform is very expensive.

I put the notice because I think the World of S.O are changing, a lot of good games appears in Linux (I have Metro 2033 Redux) and I see another AAA appears in Linux too and developers done applications for Linux, Like UDK or Coat3d, Autodesk a lot of great company are doing products for Linux. Perhaps in a future Linux will be an Standard like MacOS , I doubt like Windows but basically for ignorance, use Linux is equal than Linux, I think more easy (Ubuntu derivates) , CentOS, Red Hat (I think is for the NASA guys).


Unity is expensive? :D
It's free for all platforms (except special licenses for XBone etc.) including all features.
You just have a unity splashscreen at start in the Personal Edition.


I'm not sure 100% but the prices are those:

They put about the PRO version, ok you have the free version, but I think on iPhone and Phone 8 you have to pay for this 2 modules... In linux Android appear enable...

Another point is waht do the Pro and the Free, I read some time ago, the PRO can do shadows and the Free don't have shadows, I think this point is really complex, if you do a simple game perhaps shadows don't are important, but really see 3D without shadows  :puke: :puke: :puke:

Another point is the Initital Screen, in my opinion see the Unity logo at the begin of the app, give the impression not serious developer (this is a personal opinion, but really I hate this point), I'm not sure if Release 5 do this.

We don't negate the evidence, if practically the 90% of people use Unity don't have to be too much bad.


Their pricing policy is very hidden...they seem to be pushing the ´all free, really´ flag for a while now to catch the unobserver... :P


All platforms, also mobile, are free and support all features except the splashscreen as I said. :P
If you want to remove the splashscreen or some other features like cloud building or Level 11 (you get many assets for free each month) you have to buy a license for each platform you want.
And 1.500,- € is not that much in my opinion if you earn money with it.
Just some cool Windows User Controls cost that much and they are not a fully featured game engine. :D


If you are a very good 3d modeller and you have a team you can make a decent game in Unity. But if you are alone and you have not much time Unity can be a pain. My first steps in development games was with Unity and I never finished a game. Then I realized I had to pass to 2D, with an easy language. And voilà!! I found GL Basic and now I have 4 games in the Apple Store.  =D  =D  =D  =D


Unity also supports 2D out of the box, for sure not that easy as GLBasic because it has a lot more features...
But everyone should use what he/she can work with the most productive. :)

What games have you created so far? :)


Ok  :giveup: :giveup:  :D :D

Alex_R have reason, do a good 3D game is really complex (I think the trick is buy a lot of models and remodel again for have more).

But I think really the problem is sell the game, you can do awesome graphics , very interesting scripts but arrives a game like very simple and you game don't sell nothing (I don't know if you see a internet Multiplayer game is only circles are growing when you eat the other people), seems have a lot of people paying each day.

Thanks for the info BackSlider.