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I'm developing a cuboid like game where you have to get Morphoid - the morphable cuboid - into the goal (with the right side/s). You have to take care gaps and have to activate switches, beam to other platforms or ride on platforms to other places to get to the goal.

Here are some dev videos:

This video is recorded ingame and shared after level done from iPhone:

If you like it and want to follow the development progress, like the Morphoid facebook page. :)



Oh no ! I have start this for over a year
But never ended.

I like to see your code , because i tryed
A real rotating  cube.

I like these kind of games unfortunately
You have it ready.


It looks great !!  Fantastic ideas , smooth movement.

What formula you are using for the rotaing cube .



Hehe, I don't use GLBasic but basically you have to find the max or min edge of your object and then rotate it around 90°.
That's all.

So in GLB I think you have to get the point to rotate around and then PUSHMATRIX the object and then rotate the point...




Nope, thats the reason why I posted it in Off-Topic. :)


It's not that hard in GLBasic.
You know the Size of youre different shapes.
Just rotate around a pivot...
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Looking great!

It would be cool if you could add a simple shadow to each board block.
It would make it easier to determine each board section's height, relative to each other.
(For the last video, I didn't notice that the sections were on different heights until you moved over there).

If using Unity, a simple blob shadow should work.  Or a real shadow if possible.
But you would need a common 'floor' for the entire puzzle, may not work for every scenario.
Or project their positions onto a back wall. (May not need a shadow for this, just a shaded grid system).

Tough to accomplish maybe.  Just a thought.

Looking nice and smooth.  Can make for some interesting game play concepts.

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