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I use Shadermap 2, it's not free but awesome and perhaps it's still interesting.
Oh sorry mentalthink,

but you didn't understand the context. :D
I'm not working on my IDE anymore but CptnRoughnight is developing a new and more advanced one than mine.

So you can be happy but have to thank CptnRoughnight. :)
Thanks for reviewing guys! :)
I like your ideas and will implement them.

@mentalthink: Yes, I "know" Shiva3D but never tried it. There are some reasons why I won't change to another Engine than Unity. The main reasons are that I'm in love with the IDE, fast development, really nice API, the f***ing awesome asset store and community AND I've already invested a lot of money. :)
And C# is my main programming language, so why learn a sub-scripting-language of lua or use C/C++.

But I believe you that Shiva3D is nice. ;)
Haha Schranz0r xD

Alle Jahre wieder kommt einer und fängt ne IDE an.
CptnRoughnight ist mindestens der dritte... Aber alle guten Dinge sind drei. Also viel Erfolg dabei! :)
Hi guys,

you know spare time is rarely. :P
But I'm active developing my game and here is the latest version:

I added some scene fade transitions, falling leaves in the menus and changed some things in the level chooser.

The next things I will do:
- replace dummy graphics (level items, lock items, pause button...)
- level done screen ('yeah'... next level, back to menu)
- pause menu screen

What do you think?

Thanks guys,

@Slydog: Yes, I use NGUI for my game.
@mentalthink: I have my own 3D artist but thanks for your proposal. :)
Hi folks,

I want to show you my first "serious" mobile game what I'm developing with Unity so this is "Off Topic" Stuff. :)
It's called "Flip It" and it's a little bit like "Reversi".
You have some chips and the goal is to get all chips with the white side upward.
If you flip a chip the horizontal and vertical neighbours will flip, too.

It will be released at first for android but it is planned for iOS (and maybe other platforms) later.

You can test it here through the webplayer (really early demo and some graphics are still dummies!!!):

I hope you like it so far and constructive criticism is welcome.

GLBasic - de / Re: Newton
Brauchst du dafür denn wirklich eine ganze Physikengine?
Oder benutzt du Newton sowieso?

Und für 2D solltest du dann vielleicht den Box2D Wrapper nutzen.

Na, nun musst du es auch der Allgemeinheit zeigen. :D  :booze:
Maybe you should first try to Write a simple wrapper like for a XML library to learn it.
Ogre is a biiiiiig project to wrap (also for pros)! ;)
You can have a look into my TinyXml or BulletWrapper in the Forum.
Maybe Schranz0r extended the BulletWrapper? :p
Die Hilfe sollte echt überarbeitet werden, bevor die nächsten Ultra Features eingebaut werden.
Eine fehlerhafte Doku ist schlimmer als fehlende Funktionen.
Aber ich verstehe auch dass Entwickler Dokumentieren nicht lieben.  :good:
Der Fehler tritt auf, weil du in den Projektoptionen "Explizite Deklarationen" oder so aktiv hast.
Das verhindert bei größerem Code die Unübersicht und Fehlerquellen.

Dein Problem müsste so behoben sein
Code (glbasic) Select
/////Mein erstes Tool

PRINT "Hallo Welt!" ,100,100
Local a = RND(50) //Hier a als lokale Variable deklarieren... LET ist glaube ich eh veraltet.

It makes no difference if fan or magnet, the physics are the same reversed. :D
Maybe I will keep the magnet idea...

In my game will be objects like boxes you have to distract, doors you have to "hold" up to roll through or hurricanes which pop up you to the next stage.

I changed the "story" of my game.
Now I don't use a magnet and a metal ball anymore. I will use characters from a earlier game of mine.
It was called Plushbreaker with four different "plushies".

And I think the "fan" idea from fuzzy70 is a cool idea to push the plushies around on cute islands maybe? :)

Here is a screenshot of the plushies at hard work in the old game. :D
What do you think about? Is it better than a magnet?

Für meinen Geschmack sind da zu viele Verläufe drin.
Kannst ma zeigen, wie das aussieht, wenn die Newsfenster ein einheitliches helles Grau haben?
Nur so, um mal den Unterschied zu sehen.