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Getting a Linux GLBasic program up and running

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Shouldn't be too bad really - looks like a more moderned STDC++ library is used too, which is good :)

Kitty Hello:
I used a flag to ignore unresolved symbols and dropped the SDL_mixer lib dependencies. That way the program binds to the libs I specified but not the libs depending on these libs on link stage, but only at run time. very clever idea.

Hopefully it'll be more stable on x64 machines now too...

Kitty Hello:
OK, the current update (the setup with Caanoo support) has this fixed now. I hope the dependencies are "just" SDL_mixer on most systems now. A shame that ubuntu does not ship this on default.

Old thread, same subject. Long Live Linux.
I am using GLBasic on Linux Mint 17( :good:), Native OS, Multiboot Windows 7.
Using WINE To run GLBasic IDE, the i compile all seem to crash after a few minutes.
These binaries i compile are .exe that run in WINE/XP.
And the IDE wont compile multiplatform, win32 only.

Using Windows 7 OS, im trying to use GLBasic IDE to compile .linux programs using multiplatform, with linux in the program options.
When running one of these files, you need to set permissions and execute from terminal.
However, there is no luck here getting it to run, as there seems to be a problem with SDL errors, and OpenGL errors.

I compiled an .exe using windows 7, and it runs in linux using WINE/XP.
So far this method is working ok, for a 2d(havent tried 3d)OpenGL compiled in windows.
Also, it doesnt seem to stop rendering after a few minutes of being minimized in linux (unlike windows, i made a bug report. about it)

@Gernot: And that leaves me with a question, which Linux Dist did you base the multiplatform linux distribution output.linux on? Ubuntu doesnt have everything, does fedora, or SUSE, or some other distribution?


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