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Name : Q*Boyd
Genre : Games/Brain and Puzzle
Cost : £1.50
Languages : English

A remake of the classic Q*Bert

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Name : Adaman
Genre : Games/Cards & Casino
Cost : FREE
Languages : English
Play store link: here

A version of the solitaire card game "Adaman" that is played using the Decktet, an alternative deck of cards where many cards have two or more suits.

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Name: Snake Slider and Snake Slider Lite
Genere: Games, puzzle solving
Cost : €0,80 and free
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech

Snake Slider -
Snake Slider Lite -

With my new Android device, the new GLBasic v11 and some spare time during the holidays, I finally got around to creating a proper Android version. The Lite version was already available but it had some issues. These are now fixed so I also released the full version.

Name : Bubble Pop Memory
Genre : Brain & Puzzle
Cost : € 0,82
Languages : English
Play store link

Hi, here comes my first finished GLBasic game:

Bubble Pop Memory is a addictive and fun game with retro style graphics and music!
This game is suits both children and adults!
Find all the matching pairs of cards.

I am currently working in Bubble Pop

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Kitty Hello:
Name: HomeDryer
Genere : Weather - although it's not really that
Cost: EUR 0.99
Languages : English, German

After the flood, you have to get the water out of the basement as quick as Speedy Gonzales. Expensive dryers are a good choice. Opening the windows another choice. But there's a threat of getting even more water into the house with this cheap method.

My app helps you finding the answer to "Window open or windows shut?"


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