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Kitty Hello

Detest OpenGL? Are they stupid?


Quote from: doimus on 2009-Jul-07
But I think GLB should go through reality check when general programming is in question... I mean, now we're talking GLB vs. Java, .NET, Python, Ruby etc.
All those mentioned are already well established and FREE, most even Open Source solutions. I think that's a bit like fighting the windmills, especially since GLB kicks ass when compared to other game-specific languages.

I think GLB development must be oriented towards world domination in hobbyist game development.
Youre comparing apples to oranges, GLB is easy to code with.
With its a highend coding structure, and constant maintainence from the creator, its worth every cent.

Quoteonly minus there is no DirectX on Windows, if you plan to publish on portals, since those guys detest OpenGL
Sony makes software using opengl right?
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2009-Jul-07
Detest OpenGL? Are they stupid?

Of course they are!

I have heard of several cases where portals outright refused a game just because it used OpenGL instead of DirectX.
But they have their reasons.... It's mainly that default Microsoft drivers in Windows were always sub-par on OpenGL support. It was always necessary to install new drivers from card manufacturer. And many casual players never update their drivers, etc. Up until recently they have even refused DirectX 9 games, and they still prefer DX7, after all these years.

It's just paying toll to stupidity (of both the casual players and Microsoft).

@Hemlos - DX comment was about portals, not GLB. I prefer OpenGL myself.
And regarding code structure of GLB - yes, it's extremely simple (so even I can use it), but in an app-programming world some things are more important. I doubt anyone would use GLB to program web apps or SQL interfaces or whatever. And for simple GUI programming, few things can beat .NET (VisualBASIC and C#). I just meant it would be futile trying to compete with that.

But then again, try programming multiplatform games (or other graphically intensive stuff) in VisualBasic. That's the strength of GLB.


Aye graphics, thats important to any system anymore.
The GPU standard has become something we only saw in science fiction movies :)
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


How about rethinking PSP support:

Sony is opening more to indie devs, and Nintendo will probably follow suit.
Please note, this still means that you have to be a LICENSED developer. It's just the licensing procedure has become more relaxed.

A separate version of GLB for "licensed indies" would be really, really nice.
I think GLB's cross platform potential could be used to gain advantage on really IMPORTANT gaming platforms.

I am willing to financially contribute to getting the required tools to get the job done (ie. devkits) - I guess there could be more people here willing to do the same.



No, its illegal !
I <3 DGArray's :D

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