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Has anyone tried compiling to a virtual mac?
I don't have a Mac and want to develop for it.


 Virtual Mac means Hackintosh?¿, I did someyears ago and works perfectly, I think today all is more easy done some hackinstodh with Niresh have to be very easy to configure, these people update kexts very often.


I am installing on virtualbox as we speak,seems to be going ok but is realllllllllly slow...

Kitty Hello

O thought vBox disallows the installation of osx on a non mac....


As MentalThink said i have gone down the Hackintosh route but am trying to install xcode on VM and it doesn't seem to be working so far.


Theres a guy that rents virtual Mac on a monthly basis - 30 euro / month or so...

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I had a look into virtual Macs,Shame i cant run it in a virtual machine.
Hey ho!




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Cool Thanks BigSofty i will have a look.


I built a hakintosh into an old laptop some years ago just for testing.
It took a couple of weeks to make it work with the nonstandard video driver and a few other important bits.

I never used GLB in it, but it ran my compilations.
All a bit super slow as I had a very crap onboard gfx without proper support for open gl.

I have been looking into doing it again on a separate drive on my own machine, but haven´t got around that yet.
OracleVM looks like a better choice


I have been trying with Oracle,with some success,Hackintosh worked fine straight out of the box but i couldn't download X-Code,I hate the way Apple is so restricting that you can't just bloody download X-Code and keep it on your NAS you have to install it to the machine,Blimmin control freaks!

That's why i don't have  a Mac.


Yep, modern apple has always been that way, no surprise on this front.
Here I´m not sure one can compile IOS on a hackintosh, I´m not aware if they have any online system to check the OS and hardware.
The easiest route would be to acquire a low end mac, but then be carefull not to buy a too old as it can be discontinued.


a real mac is the way to go. Im do not support Hackintosh at all, so dont except how its will compile on those. You can property also rent a Cloud based mac as well.

If you get a used Mac, make sure a least "Snow Leopard" is installed (which dont support the old Intel cpu). Then you should been upgradable to the newest OSX (which is today a free upgrade).

Im did upgraded my 2009 Mac from 2GB to 8GB ram, since the newest OSX used about 1.75gb as startup, so there was a lots of swapping.
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