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GLBasic - en / iPhone.sdk
Is iphone-sdk-4.1 packaged with GLBasic? 

There is a reference to -isysroot"%CYG_GLBASIC%Compiler/platform/iPhone/iphone-sdk-4.1 in the platform.ini file but I can't find iphone-sdk-4.1 in the /Compiler/platform directory.
GLBasic - en / Output path
I'm trying to set gpc.exe output path using the -O switch.  For example:

gpc.exe -O"/documents/"

But it's giving the output files weird names ie g.cpp instead of outg.cpp.  There's also no out.reqire file generated.  When the source files are compiled into a binary the binary program displays for a second and then exits abruptly.

The GLBasic manual says this in relation to the -O switch:

-O"Output prefix (with path)"

What does 'prefix' mean?  Am I using it wrong?

I'm compiling the sample ASC.bas so I know there is no syntax error.

I'm using Windows.  I copy ASC.gbas and GPC.exe to the root of the C drive ie C:\GPC.exe.  I open a command shell at the root of the C drive and type "GPC ASC.gbas" and get an unexplained syntax error in line 7, which is the first PRINT line.  This does not happen if I use GPC.exe in the place it is installed ie I type "C:\Program Files\GLBasic\Compiler\Platform\GPC.exe C:\ASC.gbas" and I don't get any errors.

Can anyone explain why this happens?
GLBasic - en / New Mac IDE
I've been working on a new Mac IDE.  It's not yet for release.

More info (including video) here


Place both and into your applications folder and launch

Don't launch - the editor will launch it automatically when it's time to precompile.

Compiles for iPhone and Mac.  iPhone compile automatically launches Xcode ready to build your app.

I'm trying to call gpc-macosx from a terminal in Mountain Lion. I get "illegal instruction: 4".  I've scoured the internet for an answer.  It could be a few things, the main ones being:

1. gpc binary is incompatible with Mountain Lion; or

2. Permissions error.

I've tried to repair permissions but get the same error. Has anyone tested gpc-macosx on Mountain Lion?

Hi everyone.

I've searched the forum to find out how at runtime to determine:

- which device the game is running on (eg iPhone, iPad, Pandora, Android etc); and
- the screen resolution of the device.

There are hints scattered in various posts and also in the changelog (on GETSCREENSIZE) but I can't find an example setting this out for simple minds like mine :S

Presumably, you set the highest resolution in the project options and then, if you know what device you're on, you can SETSCREEN for the resolution of the device with ?IFDEF. You can then use scaling systems such as Z Project.

The main example I have is to program one universal binary for iPhone, iPhone retina, iPad and iPad retina. The other example is one binary for all Android devices (even if they have different screen resolutions).

Is there any tutorial on this?


There are a few clues about this around the forum but I haven't been able to put it together. I have a game where:

- the player sprite moves across the screen with a 'drag' across the screen by the user
- in GLB, I'm using MOUSEAXIS to move the player sprite using the horizontal velocity
- there is another sprite for an action (eg shooting) that the user taps to trigger the action

In Objective-C, you can determine with code whether there is a touch or drag and only move the player on a drag, not a touch. I'm worried that the with GLB the MOUSEAXIS value will continue to move the player sprite even when the user taps the action sprite. The user may be using two fingers and that requires recognition of multitouch as well (GETMOUSECOUNT).

Sorry if I've got this all mixed up. Can someone please help me with this?