3D shading and environment test

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would be great!

when exporting a model from lightwave to OBJ, it creates an mtl file for that reason.
Still, if an object, lets say a ball, has top part to one material and lower part to another, I´m not sure this gets going to the mtl.
I´m sure smooth/flat surfaces go out fine.


I think a good point without too much problems to send the data of the mesh... It´saving from the 3D Suite a .txt file or .dat... I think from .obj or .3ds or another format can be a tedious works... Make a "plugin" for export the data could´t too much complex, the standar in the 3D industry now it´s python... I don´t touch too much, but all the people say it´s easy... and after whit a function material properties, read whit some tag the correct material, whit an special name or something...

I´m not sure 100%, don´t look too much, but I think when I export from 3d max, the geometry remenber the material I did in 3DS max, the specular shinnes , amount etc... not sure 100%.


ops...the mtl does retain material areas and most of the parameters, good!
Though I lost the smoothing set parameters and gained a vertex normal map, which is not visually producing the same.
here goes the obj+mtl should you guys wanna take a look.

there is a pic showing the stuff.

material names seems ok, but on the obj it added a _smooth to the materials I set a smooth threshold.(1,2,3)

Yep. a plugin on python would be nice too Mental!

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