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Hi I don´t know if in the Forum knows about the GLBasic en FBook, I think can be a nice place for sharing info or another thing whit gaming or programming out in the GLbasic Forum...

I take a look and don´t have too much people, and here we are a great number of users!!!...  :good: :good: :good: :booze: :booze: :booze: :help: :help: :help:


I dont really use Facebook myself...


I don't use FB either, but even if I did this forum is much more practical and functional.


Dont have a FB account either. :nana:
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Ok, I don´t like Fbook too, but I think it´s a huge place for make advertising of our games, and of course GLbasic..., the politicies of FBook I hate, but this it´s like Apple, if you don´t pass thru the Hole, you can make too much... I refer to pay 80$... absolutetly a steal in comparation whit another Mobile Markets...


I don't like FB, but I have an account, because I know that is a great tool for promote your games and your knowledge. It's a good idea put a FB/twitter option in the games/tools you create for mobile to let the users share the "experience".


I finally found the delete button for my Facebook account (found the link hidden away in a help file and not actually in my account options like you'd expect) -- I'm soooo happy!  I'm sick of the darn thing.  =D
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Stealth approach for me as I have my account active but disabled when signing out and haven't used it lately.  :noggin:


I have an account there so to keep contact with a few friends that discovered technology yesterday and think FB is a must hehe.
It is good for the girls though and to chat a bit...


None for me, not a great social networking fan.


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Gernot does have a Facebook page :)


Yes it´s for this MrT, GLBasic it´s in FBook, only I told for this...

Kitty Hello

No, I deleted it. It annoyed and horrified me at the same time. I'm not ready for facing this kind of transparency, yet. I hope I never will.


And now a days, with the "your life timeline" it gets more horrorizing.
I haven´t changed to that mode and I avoid using FB for anything then talking with a few chaps.

Since I work freelance, I can´t have clients managing my time by distance, time managing is my job.
Even my MSN is set to ALWAYS online for the very same reason.

I can see how people could use such to its own advantage, but it would mean more work for me and less free time, so currently it is a no.

I´m already pissed by google, like I browsed some shoes on net shoes to choose a couple to buy and now, every other page I visit google ads do me the favor to show an ad of netshoes showing the options I browsed, feels really intrusive.


The most horrifyng thing about facebook is automatic tagging.
Meaning, as soon as someone tags you in a picture anyhere, FB stores your facial characteristics data. Nice! Who needs fingerprints anyway.  :rtfm:
And I found about it AFTER I was tagged in a photo that I didn't take or put on FB.