GLBasic logo in different sizes

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These are generally Erico's GLBasic graphic resized to the different sizes required by Android Market, Amazon and Palm

Sizes are (hold breath) :

48 x 48
1024 x 500
512 x 512
256 x 256
180 x 120
135 x 135
128 x 128
114 x 114
72 x 72
32 x 32
16 x 16
64 x 64
640 x 480
625 x 417

All I've done is resize them - so nothing fancy has been done with them.

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Great! I will be updating the gfx with the border and no shadow as soon as I get some time, hope it won´t take forever :P


Hi thanks to both... if you permet Erico, I will do a "Dark theme" for the icon...   :booze:


What? permission? no need go ahead! :good:
I once did an ice cream version with the cubes hehe.


icons on appstores should of course been your own icon for the game, not glbasic icon, so me thinks its can been used in any size displayed in the game. I used the 256x256 version example, but I did used that one from GlBasic twitter profile and I might have modificed its a little big (but I not remember I did that)....

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