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Title: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Mar-22
Ive been missing the last few weeks... well after avoiding it for the last couple of years, we finally got it. My wife works in a nursery, so close contact with the kids is impossible to avoid. This is how we eventually contracted it. :help:

We self isolated, as per advice, we weren't too worried, we had our jabs and boosters,

She was ill for one night and felt tired, for a couple of weeks.

I caught it as soon as she was infection free. Bad luck, as I was looking after her in the bedroom. We tried self isolating within the household as we have two kids that live here too.

No worries, Leanne was not too bad I thought... Unfortunately it hit me much harder, I was actually surprised as I believed the government line that with your boosters etc. It should be like a bad cold. Yeah, some cold, for a full two weeks I lost most of the feeling in my hands, blinding headaches, pain all over, bad breathing, loss of smell. The wife phoned an ambulance at one point as I was getting worse by the minute, but as I live so remote, this would have been a air ambulance, so I refused to go. I really don't like helicopters. This was a few weeks ago, and I am much better now, still with weak hands though and still wheezy when I take a breath.

God this thing was sent by the devil.

Kids managed to avoid it though.

Any ways, I hope you guys are well and keep up with your boosters, thats probably what saved my bacon!  :D
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: erico on 2022-Mar-22
You will eventually get back in shape. Ididn´t get it yet (so I think) but my brother and his family did get it, nothing too hard.
A few people around me died of it or complications after it and some got really really bad, like a 3 months getting back to normal.
I hope you recover super fast.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Mar-22
Thanks Erico, strangest bug I've ever had. I mean, I'm over it, not infectious and yet it's still affecting me weeks later, weird!  :giveup:

Good to hear your brother didn't get hit too hard though.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: Marmor on 2022-Mar-23
this sux. i hope you and your family recover   :happy:
hard times .....

Title: Re: Covid
Post by: Qedo on 2022-Mar-23
I still resist with Covid ... here in Italy it is recovering a bit, let's hope for the best.
Come on Bigofty comes back stronger than before especially with GLB.  :good:
Ad maiora
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: loftcat on 2022-Mar-23
Sounded really rough, glad you're on the mend  :) Managed to avoid it here in England so far but it's getting harder now there's no rules.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Mar-24
Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind comments.  :booze:
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: dreamerman on 2022-Mar-24
Sad to hear that covid hit You so hard :( I hope that your recovery will go smoothly and without further issues.
Best of All for You and Your Family in those harsh days.

ps. lung infections and breathing problems are the most serious complications after this disease, and they are even more damaging for kids, so hopefully that all your family will now have some extra immunity beyond vaccines.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Mar-28
Thanks Dreamerman, trying to get back to normal. Had a look at my code from before Covid, lol, I need to spend some time documenting it, I'm totally confused where I was in it!  :D :blink:
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: hardyx on 2022-Apr-08
Best wishes to you Bigsofty, take care and I hope you are better now.
In my hometown there was a clear zone used for emergency helicopters but they build a big supermarket there.
(the money, you know)
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: spacefractal on 2022-Apr-08
In Denmark, im guess we all that have got it has got it. There is currectly no restrictions at all with no corona pass required (even to get a trip to Denmark outside has been axed).

Best wiches to you bigsofty, and yes im still lurking here, dispite more focus on Spetrum Next currectly and still do that.

Btw corona did also hit me too..... ski vaccation in Italy, but lucky im got all skiing days, but im did do miss the second skiing trip throught. Here corona wasent hit me hard at all. Im was back to work again week after.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Apr-08
Thanks guys, a lot better now, still some after effects but I'm working around them.  :booze:

Weirdly here in the U.K. we seem to be behaving like it's all blown over?!? It's no where near as bad as it was but (I have a friend who works in a hospital) it is still reading havoc with the elderly u fortunately. Maybe we this will end one day but it's becoming increasingly evident that it may be part of life as we move on.

Title: Re: Covid
Post by: erico on 2022-Apr-09
The thing in Brazil is that the COVID will have to get in line with Xikungunha, dengue, yellow fever, hemorrhagic fever and about some 30 other constant killer hazards...
I don´t think the other diseases will allow it to go about free infecting people, COVID will get eaten by them ;)

Bad joke aside, numbers are down in Brazil and I haven´t heard of close people dying since half last year, so it seems under control.
Even after Carnaval.
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-Apr-20
Wow I dont even know what half those diseases are Erico but they all sound scarey!  :sick: :D
Title: Re: Covid
Post by: MrPlow on 2022-May-18
Man!!! So sorry to hear - I have been away from my gamedev for a while - just getting back now - just checking the forum and notice this...Hope all is getting better...

Hopefully you will be 100% again soon!!

Title: Re: Covid
Post by: bigsofty on 2022-May-20
Thanks buddy, we're much better now. The only real lingering problem has been my hands, still a bit weak, opening the odd jar lid can defeat me now. But on the whole we're much better.

Good to have you back MrPlow!  :good: