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ARGHHHHH!!!!   It is iCade related, again...

I suppose that the errors appears at validation time when you tries to prepare the package of your App for send it to Apple.

It does not let you continue???   What steps exactly are you doing???   I want to replicate that...



Are you using my keyboard wrapper? It should not fire that error... I'm not using unofficial calls...  Anyway, my keyboard wrapper does not appears correctly under iOS 7, I have to update the code to show Textboxes correctly.

I will try to investigate and test that, but, are you using some other kind of wrapper?   That ButtonDown/ButtonUp could be iCade related...   But it is early to say something...

What libraries/frameworks are you using???

Well, I have not all the info, maybe Gernot is the best person to solve this question, but I think that it is related to the compiler and the platform/processor where compiler is focusing...

It's to say: we need to compile for iOS versions greater than iOS 3 or 3.2 and we have to use Xcode for that purpose, setting the deployment target to iOS > 3 (6 probably, now), but the real SDK, the GLBasic compiler, is targetting to ARM instructions that can be supported by iOS 3 when "precompiles" the GLBasic program (the libPROGRAM.a file)... These instructions are supported by the newer processors, because of that all works... But Xcode warnings say that your instructions are focusing to a processor and iOS version deprecated...

Today, this is not a problem, almost until Apple changes totally its processors breaking backwards compatibility...  :S

I sent Gernot some code a couple of days ago, to fix the bug that MrPlant confirmed is solved, related to the bar and the battery symbol. The other code that I sent him also fixes some orientation issues related to the orientation of iOS elements like the new control center, the multitasking icons, or notification panel when the user rotates the device...

I think that these changes will help transparently to show wrappers like Facebook to be showed in the correct position and orientation, all without wrappers or special code.

With these changes, I think GLBasic will be perfect for iOS development, avoiding all kind of possible problems with Apple policies for App Store.

When the changes will be implemented by Gernot, I will publish a wrapper to obtain the orientation of the device under iOS without have to calculate from GLBasic's code using rhe accelerometer values.

May be that will be needed to test all these changes by all people here  :P

Emmm... Sorry because of my late reply...

First of all... Thanks MrPlant for your comments...

The iCade issues in last betas should be fixed in next version, I re-sent to Gernot a little piece of code that was lost in last beta versions.

Also, I just found some time to fix some bugs related with orientation under iOS 7, I will send all my code to Gernot to fix it in short, after a little bit more testing.

At the other side, errors related to .mm files could be because of last Beta 11 versions also, I found that the file iphone_prefix.pch (or a name similar) was lost in the Xcode project generated by GLBasic.

It is possible to add that file to your Xcode project manually by copying it from an old GLBasic project (from version 10, for example).

Also, it is possible to paste the code from the "prefix header" file (.pch) in the .mm file directly... Hope this helps... I'm replying from my iPhone now, but if you need I can explain the solution to that problem later, when I can have my laptop near...

I'm compiling ok for my iPad 4 at full retina resolution without problems and I will send all my work to Gernot as soon as I can.

Bug Reports / Re: V11 Beta bugreports!
« on: 2013-Sep-15 »

Other bug is that GLBasic 11.4XX overwrites the Xcode project in each compilation.

If you add a wrapper (.mm file or similar) to your project, you have to "re-add" it each time you compiles from GLB.

Bug Reports / Re: V11 Beta bugreports!
« on: 2013-Sep-15 »
Also, there is a bug related to iOS 7 and Xcode 5, detected by MrPlant (I wrote about it in the other thread) in which a battery icon appears all time when the application is running.

The solution (until Gernot could update it) is to add a parameter for the info.plist of the Xcode project by adding:

View controller-based status bar appearance        Boolean      NO

You can add it directly by creating a new value or copying and paste similar values from Xcode, but if you prefer, you can add it with a text editor:


Bug Reports / Re: V11 Beta bugreports!
« on: 2013-Sep-15 »
When compiling my game on the Xcode 5 beta preview, I get the following annoying errors anytime I use an external .mm file such as this. Any ideas how to solve this? This is using GLBasic V11 beta 11.414

It would appear a project setting isnt quite compatible with Xcode 5?

It appears that the iphone_prefix.pch file is missing in the Xcode project. You can workaround it adding the file or copying it from an old GLBasic 10 iOS compiled project.

Finally, I solved it!

I have tested it and it is not a bug of Xcode or iOS...   It is a change in the way that you need to hide the status bar for an application under Xcode 5.

The easy solution to solve it, for Xcode 5 is to add a parameter for the info.plist of the project by adding:

View controller-based status bar appearance        Boolean      NO

You can add it directly by creating a new value or copying and paste similar values from Xcode.

You can also add the parameter with a text editor:


Uy perdón!!!!

Lo puse in English!!!

Ya no sé ni en qué rama del foro estoy!!!!


Lo dicho, ENHORABUENA por tu trabajo!!!!!

Ardemos en deseos de ver cómo será la versión final!!!! =D

Congratulations!!!!!  :nw:

I know you are working hard in your game.

I love all kind of original style games.


GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic Road Map
« on: 2013-Aug-26 »
I think GLBasic is a perfect language for beginners and people that needs to create a game/program without fight with complex languages or tools.

It is pretty because... Hey! It is BASIC! And it compiles for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux!!! It is multiplatform and you don't need to change your code!!!

I'm sure this kind of product is very hard to mantain, because of that, may be that the best roadmap could be to consolidate certain main platforms, before add new platforms to the language... the work of Gernot is impressive, but he is an only one programmer and now users/programmers have new needs that comes with each change in the OS/platforms/devices after each of these updates from big companies.

The capability of GLBasic to be extended through wrappers or inline code makes of GLBasic a real jewel for coders, but I think that the creation of wrappers to obtain certain main capabilities like Game Center, social, or iADs are starting to became more and more complex, considering the speed of changes from market, and big companies.

Sometimes you need functions that should be integrated into the language/compiler itself, if you need to fix a bug or cover a new function included (I refer, for example, to iOS 6... iOS 7... Apple and its policies and changes, etc.) and that could certainly be a "monster work" for an only one man... And people may turn crazy or impatient when this kind of problems avoid a programmer to finish/correct/publish an app.

I would not like to see GLBasic die slowly like other projects because the man behind GLB could not update the language as the tech evolves.

How to solve problems?
May be that a solution could be to open a little part of the source code that GLBasic uses to embed the OpenGL view, to let this community (us) to collaborate extending and fixing faster certain not trivial bugs or adding new features... If the platforms where this could be possible.

This is a suggestion that Gernot could think about... I hope to not hurt to Gernot or anyone because of explain my personal opinion.

Definitively I have to test that thing under iOS 7.

Also, it is interesting to see if Apple will reply to your post about that bug.

If I have some news I will post here.

Thanks for testing, I wanted to see if that symbol could move or dissapear when using native iOS controls.

Strange...    :S

Can you test in iPad if the orientation of the green rectangle changes depending on the devices's orientation at the time you launch the game?

For example:

Close your game forcing it from the "multitasking" menu
Put your iPad in portrait (you have to see your screen and icons in portrait)
Launch your game
Observe if the rectangle orientation or position changes

Close your game forcing it from the "multitasking" menu
Put your iPad in landscape (you have to see your screen and icons in landscape)
Launch your game
Observe if the rectangle orientation or position changes

Also, could you try to launch my keyboard wrapper and see if the rectangle changes its position???
Like here:

Tell us what happens, please :)

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB - iOS Compilation error
« on: 2013-Jun-20 »
You can copy the .pch file from an old version of GLBasic or other old GLBasic project to the Xcode project folder.

After, you have to add the configuration to Xcode, like in this screenshot.

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