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GLBasic - es / Acerca de la V12
« on: 2013-Nov-09 »
Con la salida de la beta "12" parece que se han implementado correctamente todas las mejoras y correcciones de bugs que envié a Gernot, como siempre en mi caso, enfocadas a iOS, especialmente iOS 7 y Xcode 5.

Algunos de los cambios (para quién le pueda interesar) son la corrección del sistema de giro de elementos propios de iOS, es decir: La pantalla de multitarea, las persianas del "Notification Center", la persiana del nuevo "Control Center", y los wrappers... todos ahora deben aparecer y funcionar en la orientación adecuada sin hacer nada, y con esto quiero decir "sin escribir código" para controlar el giro.

Esto no quiere decir que no haya que controlar las rotaciones de las imágenes que queramos mostrar desde GLBasic, necesitaremos SETORIENTATION igualmente, pero sin preocuparnos de la parte de elementos propios de iOS...

Por otro lado, también se respeta el bloqueo de giro que puede usar el usuario, ya sabéis, desde el icono del "candado" en los menús de iOS o en el botón lateral para quién lo tenga configurado. Si el usuario lo activa para bloquearlo, los elementos de iOS no serán girados tampoco desde nuestro programa GLBasic.

En cuanto pueda, publicaré un wrapper para obtener la orientación del dispositivo desde iOS. Algo así como un "GetiOSDeviceOrientation".   ;)

Ánimo, y no lo abandones... Que tiene una pinta tremenda!!!!

R-Type era uno de mis juegos preferidos... Y el tuyo no parece tener nada que envidiarle :)

I like it so much!!!

Congratulations to all!!!

It have an incredible look now!


I also used the search in forums function trying this: "v12.001", "v12", etc...   But nothing appeared    O_O

I think that Hark0 wanted to say that he didn't know about the appearing of V12 because V12 was not announced... Obviously a rename was needed "somewhere"...

I also didn't found any information about V12 in forums (and I follow the thread and the entire forums each day)...   If nothing is said in this thread, how can someone know about it???   It is better to tell something here or to rename something than have to download a >300MB file each day to see what happens when you look at the installer properties...    :-*

Spacefractal: May be that you are not compiling with Xcode 5??? Hmmmm  :blink:

It appears that Xcode 5 is the problem...    When you uses it, the validation appears to fail because of the supposed illegal use of Apple's private APIs...

Inline / 3rd party / Re: SQLite wrapper
« on: 2013-Nov-06 »
Oh :)

I love SQLite...

I will test it, THANKS for sharing!!!!

Oh my god...  :O  I had no idea about a V12 version !!!  :blink:   I was searching in the forums and I did not found anything... 

Gernot just told me about it, also...   I'm downloading the installer using the same link as previous versions to see if that is the new V12 installer...

I will try to test it to see if the validation bug under Xcode 5 is solved.

I sent my files to Gernot, including my new fixes for iCade related bugs when compiling under Xcode 5...

I still haven't a reply from him. I suppose he is busy.

Did you received my private message? It was about try to test a couple of things to workaround that problem.

Announcements / Re: GLBasic V11 public beta
« on: 2013-Nov-04 »
Now everything is clear.
the file "output.dat" contains the entire contents of the folder MEDIA. Therefore must not be deleted.
HTML5 works with files locally in Firefox because it is the only browser unlocked.
The others are blocked by default and thus do not perform the code locally for security reasons.
In Internet Firefox Chrome and Opera are OK. You can try it at:

For me, under Safari 7 (Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks") it appears to work ok.


Thanks so much for all people...

Now, I have enough information to start my testing in the correct way...   I didn't have very clear the use and limits of LOADSPRITEMEM...

I do not need to do calculations in real time, so, speed is not a priority...

Thanks so so so much to all!!!!

Pufff, in JPEGs this is complex.   JPEGs are compressed...

Hi all!

I have a question rounding my mind  :S, related to a new project that I have to do, and I'm trying to suppose if it is possible to do directly from GLBasic or I need to use some other programming language:

I would like to open a high resolution picture (a JPEG of 1,3 megapixels, for example) from GLBasic and read every pixel from the picture to found where are located the pixels of a specific color (the red ones or RGB = #FF0000 for example).

I know, for example, that in Visual Basic you can do this by loading a picture in a control object like "image box" and read every individual pixel as you need, it does not matter if the image does not fit into screen, you can read pixels wich are not showed just on screen, these pixels may be hidden behind the limits of the control that could have scrolling bars.

But...   Is this possible in GLBasic??   Can I open in any way a full 1,3 Mpx JPEG at full resolution and read the colour from some pixels in a X,Y coordinate??

May be that I need a back buffer??

I was thinking about a possible way: To convert from JPEG to BMP and try to read pixels from the file directly as text...   Is that possible from GLBasic??  O_O

All suggestions will be highly appreciated...  :giveup:

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:   I will test with LOADSPRITE and GETPIXEL using high resolution pictures to know wich are the resolution limits for GLBasic, but I suppose these limits are low...    ??   I read in this forums some comments related to this limits some time ago, almost for iPhone/iPad...   I would like my solution could be cross platform.


I just edited my post of before... 

It is GLBasic itself. It appears that some code for the iCade/keyboard have the same names that some Apple hidden functions. I just have tested it with a bluetooth keyboard and the iCade appears to work OK after renaming some variables and functions.

All should be ok now, when Gernot will include my modifications.

I think it is a false positive...

I renamed some functions and sent all my code again to Gernot, I have not an iCade, but I will try to test it with a bluetooth keyboard.

I think Gernot will include my code in short, in the next beta it should be corrected.

EDIT: I just tested with "INPUT" and a bluetooth keyboard and it works fine. The bug should be fixed.

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