What Andoird Emulator you use?¿

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HI guys I'm thinking about buy another Android device, but this it's a madness, millions of diferents devices and anyone works like it's wants...

I suppose here someone uses Emulators, what are using you?¿... I read about Geny it's very faster, I try it, but I don't arrives to put the game into the Emulator... I read it's really the more faster... (Now it's free for home development)


I heard about bluestacks, but I really use the real hardware.


Bluestacks is a quite good emulator, but you should get a real device as least android 2.3.

Ouya and Gamestick is a fork as well those from amazon. Howover the base API is the same and so not require much tweeks to do that.

Main issue is more screen sizes and resolutions which is so many.
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Ian Price


I use BlueStacks, which is pretty good, but is slower than a genuine device (both in starting up and operation).

I downloaded one recently that is supposedly really good, Windroy. I haven't tested it yet though.


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Thanks guys for your replyes...

I try the emulator you comment Ian..  for me the great problem always it's put the file into the emulator, becuase when you use an Emulator don't require a Real SD-Memory, ins't?¿, the emulator make a virtual SD... but really I never put something intro it  :rant: :rant:

Thanks for all replies.

Ian Price

I have only used BlueStacks so far, but that other one (Windroy) is supposed to more accurately reflect your game running on real Android device. Dunno. I'm sure there are pros and cons to all of them.
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Using bluestacks is really easy, GLBasic automatically detects it as a device and installs the generated apk into it. Also you can associate the apk file type with it to automatically install on double click and if I remember correct, drag and drop works too. Since bluestacks gets detected as a device I had sometimes problems when adding my real device, but simply killing bluestacks process usually fixed this. :nana:
But its not 100% perfect if you use it for testing, when doing some native OpenGL coding, I created something that works on GL but not GLES - and it did run on bluestacks, but of cause not on my real device. So you should keep in mind that when your program runs in bluestacks, this does not automatically mean, that it would also run on real devices. But when you only use pure GLBasic, you should not run into this situation.
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The device blue stacks using is a samsung galaxy s2, so it's can been hard to detect its a real device or emulator (except the resolution is wrong).

My game, greedy mouse, ran nice on it, but a bit slow. So Its ok for testing thing and fell much better than those sdk emulators.
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Thanks Space Fractal , I go to try this too... thanks  :booze:  :good:


I would like to be able to test my game on devices I don´t have, specially those with the software buttons (the lower menu bar). Also, to be able to test on devices I don´t have a monitor to look full screen.

Since you all seem to know bluestacks, I might as well give a shot on the windroy and report its abilities.


Windroy is really fast, installation is quick and it asks for info when first run. ye registration bs, name email etc, faky will do.

Installing apks is a matter of copying the apk to a folder.
My GLB game didn´t work.

Configuring the device is not possible or easily found.

So while it is a fast android emulation system(really fast), I´m unsure about its abilities to work as a test platform for GLBasic.
Feels like a standard emulator to get the goods of a platform running on windows, like neo geo, but what are the goods in android? :S
Will look into Bluestacks.


I gave a go on bluestacks, works fine with GLB game but has tons of shovelware inside.

I will have to take a deeper look as what I needed is an emulator where I can set its resolutions and then scale its windows to be visible on my monitor (but still retain the emulator set resolution). That would be nice for testing with devices that have huge resolutions while I don´t own them or have a monitor capable of displaying a PC test.
Like 2560x1600 android resolution.

There might be setting or tools for bluestacks to work this out, I will have to check.


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Will look into it, thanks hark0.