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About the video of the game I think  I watched sometime ago, I take more atention to the GFX and I love the Storm and the Monkey when Jumps, the feeling it''s like an Arcade... I like a lot more now than some time ago...

Sbout the music, well the ZX 48k can do too much only uses a buffer and whit this it's really cool the things people do, but it's a very noisy song...

About the last song, I love it, something like in Amiga but whit Delay, very very nice the main sequence....

I hope in Cristhmas we have the Advocado runnning in our Mobiles....   :)


Thanks Mental, I hope before chirstmas too. :good: I guess it all depends on me ;/

What we are working is a mix between zx-spectrum and amiga type song...more bound to the latest and more like a hip hop main beat.
The bosses may have their own tune styles too, I can´t wait to share some of the work, truly great!

Oh, it is original stuff for the avocado game, those I posted are just work examples the author/musician did before. edit:oops I understood you wrongly, you got that in the first bad :( I read it too fast to make a meaning of words.


As a time-line for this game, general design, there are 2 parts.

First, a collect-avocados part, ~3 minutes the most.
Second, a boss rush, ~3 minutes too, but can extend if you are good enough to manage.

Those are some of the in game documentations I sent the musician.
Actually, I sent a highly detailed description wall of text... ;/
Things to get the mood going.
I had a music design I did, but I prefer he does his take on it instead.

One trouble I´m starting to forsee, is about mixing and game planning/design.
I set the music to be the last part since before I thought I´d have to do it myself.

While developing the game, I ended up doing an extended sfx set to cover ambient and actions(as you can hear on the latest video) mostly because I know my music would not be strong enough and so I targeted for an in-between solution....and now I think that was not the best of ideas on planning the production dominó.

Mainly because some mixing has to occur between sfx and now Tyran´s professional music, and I did soo many sfx that now I have the trouble to fit/mix music in.
Most likely some sfx will be dropped or sound fixed...crazy stuff.

In fact, I think the sound part should have started all together with the music in one go since music can cancel the need for some of the nitpick sfxs...lesson learned again.


Im hope i hear the music as well soon and a new update :-).
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Some suggestion for music...
For main game keep music lower volume (background) than SFX

Use fast paced loud music for boss fight...(with minimal sfx)

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Quote from: spacefractal on 2014-Jul-20
A idea that just came out of my head, is what about a "boss rush" mode?
Alternative you could create a shorter game in easymode, which simply give the bosses fewer hits required as well a bit fewer apes (But then eventuelly just reuses the patterns). That would also howover give a shorter game. But you should not remove the harder mode of course.

The code can sport all bosses going at the same time as it is  :) but the second part of the game is already a rush.
I´m still not attached to easing up the game more then I did already, I know what you propose has 100% perfect sense and is the best route to take...
...but still, my arcade roots tell me to not do it, keep it hard for those who can savor it, even if it is just a few. I´m sure there will be sales losses and people complaining on this front. :(

I hope the power ups can be felt as ´easy ups´ on the game as I intended, an in-game difficulty selector, and the many ending stories can produce a will to replay and rock further. One can hope.

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I deliberately haven't watched the video, as I don;t want the game spoiled for me, but I'm ager to see the full and finished version. Hopefully soon...
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hehe, I see, thanks!

Work on the intro is going on...
The tough part is that I don´t want to tell the story using words, I´d like it to be visual. It is a bit hard but it coming out fine.
Later I will post the sequence so I can check with you guys if it makes any sense that is at least close to what I hope...25% close will do  :P

Here is a picture of a test piece of the intro. (kinda makes you wish the game had this style :noggin:...but media will be accessible so people can mod it).
Also, I have done a pixelizing wipe which I find really cool, I hope I can push that to the snippets so others can use and implement.

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QuoteThe tough part is that I don´t want to tell the story using words

A la AquaVenture... ;)

Looks great BTW
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Just saw this today.
What a nice Arcade game,
the Tree Boss is epically animated :good:


Thanks nabz32, I hope to push this pandora way too. :good: Yep it is arcade...hopefully as tough as the 80´s arcade games used to be.

Exactly Ian, just as AquaVenture´s intro! (tried to look for the latest PC version but could no find a working link...:( )

Finished all illustrations for the intro now, I just need to draw a few player´s animation and the title, then code it all.
The light red/yellow/brown is a weird color to figure when thinking about least on a samsung screen (I think red is over pushed), it gets really orange...(edit:most likely to have human skin looking perfectly glommy...afs tech nowadays...)so I think I better tone it down a bit so it dosen´t look like pumpkin all over  ;)

Here one of the final intro´s illustrations:

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Just received a more worked out main music really goes awesome with the game. :good:
Work still going on the intro, but hopefully it should be completed by the end of today.

Another of the intro´s 9 main image:

Ian Price

Excellent artwork there erico =D
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Looking awesome there Erico, keep it up :)

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