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GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-04
here is the app I recently updated - if you want to try it...
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-04
The nativelibs parts helped the app work from a Playstore install!!
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-04
Okay here are the changes I made


if using admob
<uses-permission android:name="" />

then application changes


then activity
 <activity android:name="SDLGlbasic"

//In app for using admob 19.4.0
dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation 'androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.2.0'
    // GLBASIC_USER_NOTE AdMob - implement dependency
     implementation ''

then in file


GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-04
Okay - new problem - not huge though... Android 7 - 10 are not finding/playing audio files
11,12,13 are... any ideas?
The getcurrdir command is finding "data/data/com.appname"  etc etc.
GLBasic - en / Re: A HTML5/WebGL Journey
Last post by Qedo - 2023-Sep-04
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-Feb-20to get right click working:
uses the new lib_glb_plus.js and replace the old one. that one does not needs any added changes to get it working, so you can uses MOUSESTATE with right click now (the posttool does that for you now).

SF where can I find the new lib_glb_plus?
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-04
I spoke too soon....
For weekend i was trying to resolve a strange issue where the app runs and works
from browserstacks and my apk builds on my phone...but NOT when installed from PLAYSTORE...

very strange - vulkin and bad-egl-display type errors...

So found similar issues happening for Unity users when building for unity...

I have managed to resolve now  :D  :booze:

Which is great - installs work from playstore now...

I will post here shortly with the fixes to do - quite simple...
GLBasic - en / Re: Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Sep-01
There is a bug somewhere in my Logo App - doesnt like Android 12/13

But did a new compile of Solar Hunter - works fine! from Android 7 to 13

Ads working with 18.3.0 - gonna try 19.x.x next and maybe then 20.x.x? If not a hassle

Admob are keeping the 7.x.x to 19.x.x gms ads versions for a while yet - I think

I am using the platform Browserstacks for my device testing!! It is well worth the money for the time and hassle it provides  :D
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
Last post by spacefractal - 2023-Sep-01
yep, using while / wend that include SHOWSCREEN does not work in HTML5/Java games, nor its newer will. Im wont fix that. This is just how the how the inner code works with this platform. Its similar with Android really.

You could write a status and a variable.

etc for enter, you need a extra counter variables for that and its should been in integer and not float.

Also in 2016 im did this rutine, using a fixed resolution, that scaling to any resolution used. Howover PRESCALER might also works too in this case:

Im choosen not uses PRESCALER (as all my games was coded before that command was in, but im just prefer my own thing, hihi).
Can't reproduce it. :|
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
Last post by Paul Smith - 2023-Aug-30
Thanks guys, I selected 800x480 in the project options. used to force landscape mode and fullscreen.
Android rotates the screen and goes into fullscreen, Ios just rotates the screen. Browsers show the 800x480, android and Ios show 800x360.
I just rewrote the bit of code and made sure is all fits 800x360.

Just struggling re-writings the same code multiple ways. Its the same buffer problem I had that spacefractal solved for me last time to stop multiple clicks. However its not working for this.
Im making a menu with numbers you click, it require 4 numbers to be entered, but if I press 7 i get four 7s.

I miss my while/wend loops.