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Spots : The Next Generation
« on: 2011-Jul-30 »
This is more of an update to Spots, rather than a sequel.  This is the (first) preview of the game, and consists of just the Single Player game mode.

It features the new graphics from Erico (which are subject to change) and new music, two new gameplay modes (which you cant see here : Infection (two player game only) and 5 Second Countdown), and extra levels for the Arcade mode (with difficulty increased to "Hard").

I've also "borrowed" the PHP hiscore code from ClickTeam (, so I can have country flags...

This code needs changing as some of the colours are hard to read, but it can be viewed here :

There is still a lot to be done - the title screen needs changing to start with and the extra levels need testing.

The Windows version can be downloaded from :

The Pre version is available in the Beta Catalog as well as
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Re: Spots : The Next Generation
« Reply #1 on: 2011-Aug-11 »
I have now got the intro sequence, credit sequence and new main menu routine sorted...

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Re: Spots : The Next Generation
« Reply #2 on: 2011-Aug-11 »
That looks great :)
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Re: Spots : The Next Generation
« Reply #3 on: 2011-Aug-12 »
That's an early version of the graphic :)

Here is a slight old version of the intro sequence :

It does flicker badly at times as Fraps and the music are on the same drive :)
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