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Code Snippets / POW speed
« on: 2011-Sep-17 »
Don't use POW function  for value of power less or ugual to 40. It is very slow
Try this code

[attachment deleted by admin]

I ask two things to those more experienced than me.
1) between GLB and C, in the float matrix multiplication benchmark, why there is a relationship in the rate of 5/1?   1400ms GLBasic and 300ms INLINE C. I think too high
2) Why the local arrays slow the program by 60%? LOCAL=2300ms against GLOBAL=1400ms.
To see this uncomment:
// LOCAL  a[]
// LOCAL  b[]
// LOCAL  c[]

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / common memory area
« on: 2011-Aug-26 »
It is  possible in GLBasic runs in parallel (multitasking?) two (or more) programs  and to share a common memory area?
I think it would be useful the use of pointers but is not possible in GLBasic
Perhaps using INLINE. Does anyone have any examples?

Code Snippets / Old Mandelbrot test
« on: 2011-Aug-23 »
I found an old program of Mandelbrot written in  GlBasic and Blitx 3D and comparing the speed in pixels per second was disappointing:
150 Kpixel GLBasic  and 1000 Kpixel Blitx3D
I tried to understand why GlBasic was so slow and I found that the bottleneck was the command SETPIXEL.
I replaced it with the MEM2SPRITE and voila the program has jumped to 2000 Kpixel!!!
Great GLBasic  :good:

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / easier updates
« on: 2011-Aug-04 »
would not be better that the update files rather than generically called glbasic_sdk.exe, were called glbasic_sdk_10.57.exe  or  glbasic_sdk_10.68.exe for example? In this way with the version number in the filename would become much easier to manage updates.

Code Snippets / new QSIN (QQSIN)
« on: 2011-Jun-09 »
on my computer (notebook):
QQSIN = 230 ms
QSIN   = 580 ms
SIN GLBasic= 1150 ms
Wait your time

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / GLBasic, not for games
« on: 2011-Apr-30 »
Hello everyone,
I want to write a program (especially for smartphone) management training for runners , and then I also manage the data base even if very simple, tables and graphic.
My question is: is GLBasic  a programming language suitable for this purpose?
Thank you

GLBasic - en / Capture screen
« on: 2011-Mar-12 »
Hi all,
it's possible capture portion of screen outside the program of glbasic  (capture desktop,explorer,firefox etc)?
I would like write a magnifier program in windows system.
Thank you

GLBasic - en / Android
« on: 2010-Dec-05 »
Hello everyone.
I'm interested to program Android device.
Do you think there will be a future version of Android?
Thank you

Hi all.
with this program in WINCE the position of the INPUT carret  is incorrect.
Instead of positioning at the 150 x position  is placed at position 0.
Any idea?

PRINT "Name:", 0, 0
INPUT name$, 150, 0
PRINT "Name: " + name$, 0, 50

GLBasic - en / Premium offert
« on: 2010-Aug-25 »
I want to buy the GLBasic SDK premium but in the shop page there are two possibility.
The first GLBasic SDK (full version) at 80 euro  and the second GLBasic SDK premium (with addon3D and addonNET) at 89 euro.
what is the difference? or are the same?

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