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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else has tried GLBasic on Windows 11 in Parallels on a Mac M1? I've found GLBasic (via Steam) installs fine and you can use the editor, but I'm experiencing fading of the sprites during game play. First few seconds it's okay. The fading effect could also be intepreted as flickering at high speed. Curious where the problem might be - ARM, Parallels, Windows 11 or the fact it's Windows 11 insider preview. Could be any or many of these causing a problem I guess!  =D

Welcome to you  :booze:

Not easy to answer without a snippet of the code  ;)
Try that: Enable vsync with the LIMITFPS function.

Thank you  :) I've been using GLBasic for quite a while now, but pretty new to the forum.

I've tried the LIMITFPS instruction before my main loop. It does affect the game speed as I adjust the limitfps number, but unfortunately it doesn't stop the flickering. In fact it's rather odd, everything on the screen starts off normal, but fades out after 5 to 10 seconds.

I realise I'm testing over a virtual machine on an Arm processor in a preview dev version of Win 11, so not big expectations here, but would be nice to get GLBasic working on my Macbook M1. Should also point out the game runs perfectly fine on a normal Windows 10 PC.

By the way, GLBasic works very well over Remote Desktop to a Windows 10 PC.

Well I have a bit of an update.. I've installed Windows 11 (insider release) using VMWare and my GLBasic games run!  It looks like the fading/flickering issue might be down to Parallels.
It does come with a caveat though, because VMWare do not offically support M1 Arm it appears you cannot install VMWare tools, or change the video driver from the basic Windows default. When I compile and run my game GLBasic pops up with a message "Please update your GFX adapter's driver so it can render OpenGL by HARDWARE". I guess this is quite a restriction, however my games does run and at the correct speed and rendering.
So a possible (limited) solution if you want to compile and run GLBasic programs on an M1.

Very interesting.
Thank you for this information Loftcat.


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