PuzzlePix Xmas 2015 - Christmas puzzler

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Ian Price

Here's a quick single level logic puzzle game just in time for Christmas.

The basic aim of the game is to uncover an image using just the numeric clues. Play is with mouse only.   Please read the Read Me within the .zip for fuller details of how to play.

[Forgot to say that the ticks within the palette indicate that a move is available on that colour layer.]

This is a WIP and therefore lacks some features, has possible bugs etc.

Have a Merry Christmas :)

I came. I saw. I played.


Tried this one, very solid presentation and I like the Idea with the layers :good:
But gameplay wise I had no success, maybe I am to dumb to get the exact idea of how this works, or I need more time to read in to it.
I only held the mouse and hovered around the field, this way I could almost finish the puzzle.
Maybe lifes would be cool, like in picross, where you get some kind of punishment if you select the wrong time
( or aimlessly clicking around like I did ).

I just wish I could understand the gameplay a little more, because I had quite some fun with the Xmas 2014 present you gave to us
and this looks like it can be really fun, if you understand the rules correctly.

Thx for the puzzlers Ian!

Ian Price

Thanks for the feedback Nabz, and I agree completely.

The lack of understanding of the game is down to me, not including a quick and easy tutorial mode. I included a ReadMe in the Pandora game (which nobody read) and I gave a brief outline above (which perhaps makes no sense outside of the game).

The game isn't as obvious for others to grasp as it is to me. the concept is very simple and the gameplay is the direct opposite of MineSweeper - nothing more, nothing less. Rather than guessing where mines appear in that game, you are using the logic clues to identify where squares can be revealed. In Minesweeper you are trying to avoid the squares, in this game you are trying to find them. The clues are the same.

The lack of understanding became apparent with the Pandora version, where I got the exactly the same sort of feedback. Those that grasped the concept enjoyed it. Those that didn't (seemingly the majority) did as you did and clicked (or "painted") randomly until all clues are filled and the puzzle completed. This is definitely not what I want. I want users to study the clues and use logic alone (no guesswork) to establish where to click to complete the picture.

I do have plans to restrict painting (in fact I might have even left a couple of images within the app media folder with "don't click" type symbols etc). But here's the rub - there are three possible ways (that I've thought of) which could help prevent "painting" and all three would work, but all three have disadvantages. And I can't decide which is the least annoying or most effective. :/ And due to a serious lack of time, I've not been able to implement any.

Anyway, all points taken and agreed with. I will be working on this over the holiday period and fixing everything that I already know doesn;t work properly, as well as adding a few new bits and bobs.

Cheers :)
I came. I saw. I played.


now with the Minesweeper reference I got it,

had a nice experience playing it by the rules and
finished the puzzle without problems, very nice idea :good:

Ian Price

Glad you got to play it properly. :)
I came. I saw. I played.


I will try to play this through the festivities again.
Thanks for sharing! :good: