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I did a search of the forum and couldn't find anything relating to this, so...

I haven't got a specific Android device yet (I can use Pandora or TouchPad, but they are not dedicated), so I need some help with the transferring of compiled Android apps. to someone that does.

If I want to send/give a file to someone with an Android device for them to install for testing etc. do I need to send them just the .glbasic-release-unsigned.apk, or is it one of the other .APK files? Does it need any media folders etc. ?

I've seen how to install an .APK -   is this generally how others can install my glb app. ?

This is for testing only, and not to put on any market places.
Here's my entry for the Dragonbox Coding Competition 2012/2013.

It's a retro styled arcade adventure puzzler set under the ocean.




PC -

[EDIT] Added a Wiz version. There's a long pause at the start of the app - it hasn't crashed, it's unpacking the gfx/sfx.
Is the hamster that normally runs around in the wheel that powers the GLBasic forums on holiday?

Is the forum slow for anybody else recently?

Are sooo many people online due to being off work at Christmas slowing it all down?

It's not constantly slow, but there have been times this week where it's taken a fair while to load a page.

[EDIT] Download is now removed and added as an attachment later in this thread.

Use the mouse to click on the masks (more than one has to be connected to similar masks) - the more connected masks disappear the more you score. Clear the board of masks to go to next level.

I couldn't think of a name at first so called it Hallowian (after me, sort-of), but I'm now thinking Halloweenie would have been better, but there ya go.  I don't plan to update it at all.

[EDIT] The game is available for Caanoo too -
Hi Gernot

While porting Guru Logic to the Pandora I discovered that the GETPIXEL command (in GLB v10.283) always returned zero.

The code below works fine on pc (and Pandora), however pc version correctly returns different values when moving the cursor over different colours - the Pandora always returns zero.

Code (glbasic) Select

SETSCREEN 800,480,0

CREATESCREEN 1,999,800,480


FOR n=0 TO 1000
DRAWRECT RND(800),RND(480),RND(64),RND(64),RGB(RND(255),RND(255),RND(255))


LOCAL mx,my,b1,b2, pixel


MOUSESTATE mx,my,b1,b2


pixel=GETPIXEL (mx,my)

PRINT "PIXEL "+pixel,10,10

DRAWLINE mx-10,my,mx+10,my,RGB(255,255,255)
DRAWLINE mx,my-10,mx,my+10,RGB(255,255,255)


 As I am now the proud owner of a real working Caanoo, I've ported four of my older games (from GP2X and Wiz) as well as one new one to the Caanoo and uploaded them to the archive.

A couple of these games were available for the Caanoo already (I ported them a while back), but they've been updated and several bugs have been fixed.

The games are -

Guru Logic Champs -,0,0,0,25,858

Balloonacy -,0,0,0,25,859

Drench -,0,0,0,25,860

Blitz -,0,0,0,25,861

SantaMania -,0,0,0,25,862


Hi Gernot

Would it be possible to implement a change in transparency on the fly, rather than using SETTRANSPARENCY for LOADSPRITE/GRABSPRITE and LOADFONT?

The reason I ask is that it's not actually possible to draw some things with transparency at RGB(255,0,128) - you can use DRAWRECT fine, but you can't with DRAWLINE or POLYVECTOR.

Being able to change the transparency in realtime on the fly could help create some visual effects very quickly (eg halos of light around torches/characters, colour changes to sprites etc.).

See this example here, where the inconsistencies of the colour mask cause problems

Code (glbasic) Select

CREATESCREEN 1,999,64,64


DRAWRECT 0,0,64,64,RGB(255,0,128)
//DRAWRECT 0,0,64,64,RGB(255,0,129)



DRAWRECT 100,100,64,64,RGB(255,0,128)

POLYVECTOR 200,100,0,0
POLYVECTOR 264,100,64,0
POLYVECTOR 264,164,64,64
POLYVECTOR 200,164,0,64

DRAWLINE 300,100,364,100,RGB(255,0,128)
//DRAWLINE 300,100,364,100,RGB(255,0,129)



I'm working on something right now that while working well on pc and (slower) on webos it kills the speed significantly on Pandora. Being able to draw in a transparent colour onto a sprite would significantly increase the speed on all systems.

Cheers :)
SETMOUSE doesn't appear to be working correctly on the Pandora. It does seem to have a very brief effect, but on the very next call to MOUSESTATE the old mouse cursor position is returned and not that of the new position (or so it seems).

Basically it seems to be remembering the old mouse position and returning the cursor back to it rather than keeping the SETMOUSE position.

It is working correctly on Windows, but not on Pandora.
Off Topic / GameFroot
There's a new "drag and drop" style coding language in town - GameFroot.

From what little I've seen it appears to be an online GamesFactory/Klick&Play type web-based thingy that allows you to create and share games online or on an iOS device.

Not had any time to have a real look or a play, but could be of interest to some.
For today only (apparently), go to Google and search for the following.....

Zerg Rush

Use your mouse to shoot the "O"s before they wipe your screen


WARNING:  This may make you laugh till you cry. Seriously.

Funniest thing I've read in ages. =D
Gernot, you might want to have a look at this -
Here is a link to a list of freeware tools that could help with developing games and apps.

Rather useful methinks. :)
I've created several Pandora .PND files for the Pandora competition, and mentioned this on the Pandora boards.

One of the users stated that GLB .PND files don;'t work on the Pandora and that PNDTools is required to create a working .PND.

Is this the case? I've sent a couple of the GLB .PND files to Minion who gave feedback (so obviously the game worked), but did he need to use PNDTools or does GLB export proper .PND files now?

Min, if you're reading, what did you use/do to the files to enable them to run?
Will GLB offer support for another format later this year? Will the iPad mini use existing resolutions? Will Apple make mega squillions selling it?

The answer is probably YES to all of those questions.

However, time will tell.
Now you can develop your own Android apps on your own Android device -

I'm not really interested in that, but I'd seriously love to be able to develop GLBasic apps on an webOS/Android tablet. To be able to code/compile/test an app on the target hardware would be a fantastic boon for GLB.