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I don't see any borders at all on the pandora (up to date version) so I guess that is already taken care of. This looks very good, you have put down a lot of work.


Wow!! I love your game!! Congrats!! Nice work!!  :good:  :good:  :good:


yep, it is truly amazing, I watched the latest video running on pandora and it goes so smooth. :good:


Agreed!  I love those videos.

I can appreciate the work and attention to code detail you must have used.
You must be doing this very modularly, with a lot of TYPEs.  And TYPES referencing other TYPES (via a simple integer id?).

Your mine cart mode would make a fun game on its own!
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QuoteYou must be doing this very modularly, with a lot of TYPEs.  And TYPES referencing other TYPES (via a simple integer id?).
Yes you are right with everything.

It is a very good thing that GLBasic keeps drawing and loading of objects and sprites seperate.
Without this I could never have been able to controll the drawing order of all objects,
which is important if you have many translucent objects overlapping each other.

Thx for your kind words guys. I hope to release a demo version soon.


I have uploaded a new video from a part of a bonus level.

Speed calculation based on tile steepness has been improved.
Walls now have a 3rd texture for the part near to the floor.
Added Timer and Countdown modes.
Changed lots of textures.
Added 2 sound effects.


Here is a preview of one of the first quests in Reggie QFOP:

Thx for watching!



Lovely, very Nintendo'ish!  :good:

If I had to crit. I'd say increase the animation speed of the players legs a little to avoid that 'ice skating' look a bit.



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Thx for your words and critic! :good:

@ BigSofty: after taking a closer look at the walking animation I increased the relation factor of walk speed and animation speed.
Thx for pointing me to it, after a while of testig it again and again I don´t recognize those things anymore ( Time for beta test ahead ).

Here is the changelog:

- some new flags added for the enemy editor ( ie. ghost, undead )
- added a new blocktype, a flash block which kills undead enemys on the screen.
( There is also a new item the one way camera, which also does the same effect, but it is portable )
- optimised the shop system: The inventory of each shop is saved and you can edit the priceyness of a shop.
Aösp Events may add / remove items from shops and change the priceyness ). Shops are called through events by their shop ID.
- Calculation of steepness and its corresponding force has been optimised.
- Events can imprison the player in a certain area of the map ( for mini boss fights etc. )
- Reggie now lifts objects over his head and throws them away. The throwing force depends on the walking speed. ( Easier for gameplay and implementation )
- Again optimised the block collision routine
- Connected tiles can select allied tiles, which means they will think this tile of another kind is the same kind as they are, improves the transition between tiles on the eyes.
- Movement of boxes can now be set in dependance of a map- or global variable
- Fixed a bug in the tile and object hiding section.


I want to start the first beta tommorow,
if anyone is interested, send me a private message.
( I won´t post a public link because I still havent packed all my media into a shoebox )

Ian Price

I'd love to, but I just don't have the time at the moment. :(
I came. I saw. I played.


Wowo!!! A love it, i don't see before this 2 last videos.... really cool and interesting, the last video it's really imporessive...

I think if you apply to the Scenatior Baked textures this engine can do very cool things...

I think this it's one of the most cool projects for now with Glbasic, really Great !!!  :good: :good: :-*


Thx for the praise Mentalthink

what are Scenatior baked textures?


Basically it's paste the ligting of the World3D over the Diffuse texture...

I put a image I found in google... basically it's put all channels of a material put together in  the same text, then you don't need to use real lighting...

With Blender you can do photorealistic baking using the Cycles render engine. (some very good plugins in blender Market make the process very easily) 

More info about baking,

I hope this can help you.  :good: