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Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?

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btw its does look like Switch seens to uses standard libraries, so its acutuelly looks possible (there is documentation on OpenGL as well Clang). Im have just got the devkit today (the devkit im do can show public), so its will take some time.

Glbasic is not that one im will try, but more to get a Rusty Pixel unity game working first.

Yes there is various NDA, but if im could get it working, its should been possible for me to release it really or a least could send it private. One example of that with Unity. You does NOT need the switch to get it build for the switch, but you do need to been inrooled throught as its require the NDi (as im cant take much about that software).

but its one thing Nintendo dont like me to show, its the DevMenu.... that one hackers also uses for mod thiers consoles. So im dont gonna to show it here.


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