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Yesterday I find this tool, not it's free, but the cost really it's about 26€, it's a poly reducer, extremelly good and easy yo use...

The technology it's use in Daz 3d, I suposse whit the Decimator plugins, and it's awesome...

Yesterday I did a simple test, from 96000 Polys to 20.000 (this can do better if you divide the mesh in parts smartly, and after apply the process)


I leave you a couple of images...

I think this comes fine for if anyone buy or download free models, and have a lot of polys, and don't have to much idea, or simply you don't want make a retopology...

PS: I find another OpenSource but not it's too much recomendable*** because you have to know whats means the mathematical concepts, and really I make the same test and crasesh...

*** The good thing it's you can paint over the models, like I do whit BodyPaint, but for free, I suppose not it's too much powerfull but it's the best way for texturing 3d Objects...

Ian Price:
You can see the difference, but it's not so great that it wouldn't be useful.

Some nice finds there for 3D artists (of which, I am not one! :P).

Cheers mentalthink :)

Jejej, yes Ian here the model not it's too much gamer, but for a charcater, like Daz 3D, can be very usefull, Unity uses this technology... whit another name... The good thing it's the SDK for make the render LOD , but the price?¿... for this I think it's better make 3 or 5 different models...



--- Quote from: Ian Price on 2013-Apr-06 ---You can see the difference, but it's not so great that it wouldn't be useful.

--- End quote ---
Most of the users will not see the difference with less polygons, but will be more fast for the CPU.
20,000 against 96,000 is a quarter of the original data.

Nice find, I will take a look and I wonder if it can reduce without breaking UV or some more stronger curves or the smooth settings.

The difference is more visible cause of no smooth, they would look the same otherwise, mental did a small reduction.
This could came inhand for scenary objects or static ones.

Great! thanks.


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