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« Reply #15 on: 2012-Jun-17 »
I will try. ;)

It seems to me this command deals with a single vertex and you can change its normal values.

A vertex map carries information about all vertexes in your model, modifying this map modifies all vertex values.
It is like a for/next loop of this command to reach all point and store this info on variables.

Normal vertex map is what is being dealt here, can control smooth/flat stuff for example.
Color vertex map will apply color changes to each point, very similar to what polivectors currently do when you assign a color to a point.
Morph vertex map will deal position shifts/displace per vertex.
UV map will deals texture position per vertex, also quite similar to polivectors.

While these maps are pretty much used on a straight forward way on what they do, the weight shade vertex map is just a general control and it is used in conjucton/mixed with other maps.
In a simple way, the weight map is an alpha per vertex value(-100% / 100%) that can be used, lets say,  to control alpha on whatever texture set. It can also be used on bones to state parts where you do or don´t want influence. It is a general control map and its possibilities of mixing are endless.

Vertex control is pretty much a requirement on the 3d game field nowadays IMHO.

I hope this helps and I hope I didn´t say anything wrong :P

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« Reply #16 on: 2012-Jun-17 »
Thanks Erico all more clear now!!!  :booze: