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Hi, my Blog, again (excusme but I think is better put it, in this part of forum)

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Hi I put again my Blog, for 3D and Glbasic, not is for make Spam, but I think is better place than annoucements Thread.

The forum is in Spanish, but the tutorials I think are easy to follow.

Today I updated my last model, for sell it.

If you visit, and you desire, please, comment me, anything about it. If you like, what not, crititcs, anything.

Kind Regard,
Iván J.

PS:Excuse me again, I put the advice on 3d Snippets, now is deleted, sorry for the confusion

Ian Price:
I wouldn't class any genuine forum user's posts as spam - especially ones like this that are promoting GLB and their own works. Why not blow your trumpet? :)

HI Ian thanks for your reply.

Well worried about this point, for put the anouncement in 2 parts of the forum.

Thanks again for your reply, and tell me a genuine users, this is great for me!!!, thanks.

Iván J.

where is the link?



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