Html5 is getting there

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Kitty Hello

I'm no longer using WebGL. I will provide both back-ends later, though. I prefer the canvas, for better compatibility and the speed seems quite OK. Other browsers will soon upgrade to get better asm.js support.


Oh? So this demo posted here does not use it?

I see on android there are flags about CANVAS too, might as well give a go on all that without the webgl enable. :good:


Same on Win7 Pro x64 and Firefox 23.0.1.
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Using a canvas, does of course, mean it should now run in Internet Explorer.

However, having the option for using (or not using WebGL) would be great.


Re-tested on chrome for android:
Works fine without webgl, but really slow (something about 5-10fps).

I tried messing the many other flags but did not get any speed improvement.


That is more or less correct when webGL isn;t used...


I'll try those flags.  Just tried it on Firefox on Android but  it just hung....