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Bezier curves / Splines - through points


Kitty Hello:
With Hemlos' lib you can interpolate spline curves, if you know the control points.
I continued this and will generate the control points for a polygonal line, so the curve touches all your input points in order.

See the example - just click points with your mouse, the spline will be generated interactively.

It's very useful to generate racing tracks or curves for cars that follow a route.

Ian Price:
That might come in very handy at some point. Cheers Gernot. Nice to see you about BTW :)

Wait...who is this user? I better report it to the moderators! =D

Indeed, the code is superbly clean and small, a quick look and it seems even the likes of me can use it and there are many uses to put such into action. Great work!
I have plotted many far away from each points to check how the older points (till what level?) would conform, the result is really great! :)

Cool - will check this out - I did my  own beziers for one of my games...but a library is always handy!! :)

Very handy for baddie or camera movement patterns too. Great stuff!  :good:


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