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Bug Reports / Down key bug in IDE for 10.203
« on: 2011-Dec-16 »
Gernot, what have you done with the IDE???? I cannot now use the down arrow key!!!!! All other arrow keys work fine.

Ach. Was just about to settle down to a good afternoon of GLB too! Is there a way to backout a GLB upgrade? Otherwise will have to switch to the laptop which is a touch annoying...

Fast upgrade soon maybe? :)


Bug Reports / Touchpad with createscreen
« on: 2011-Dec-02 »
Ok so my main game routine uses 3D with nothing fancy.

Once I get to the high scores section I do a bit of coding that involves using createscreen/usescreen.

This all works perfectly on every device I have (iPod2/iPod4/3GS/Pre2/PC and probably Android if it wasn't totally out of battery) except the Touchpad.

The TP runs the game with no problems, but when it gets to the createscreen section it turns the screen landscape. The game normally runs in portrait and I have no orientation code whatsoever.

Interestingly if I comment out the createscreen/usescreen lines (no other lines whatsoever) then it will stay in portrait and not enter landscape view. I just double checked and it's when it uses USESCREEN for the created screen. If I use createscreen but never use usescreen then it stays in portrait.

Also interestingly I note that even though my app is in portrait (again I don't ever set the orientation in code, only with project options with 9998x9999) when I quit it, at any point (including the main game that works in portrait) then the whole of the TP is in landscape mode for a second. Bit naff, plus it it's lying down on the table then it stays in landscape mode. Can it not remember to reset the orientation on a TP when it quits? Possibly will do it myself but it's a bit weird considering the app thought it was in portrait anyway.


Bug Reports / ROTOZOOMSPRITE strangeness
« on: 2011-Nov-26 »
Not sure how old this one is, but I have a simple circle png with one colour and just transparent colour around it (ie. no outline colour). All works fine with DRAWSPRITE. Oh and I forgot to mention I'm basically using the sprite like a simple paint package (using clearscreen -1 as it's faster than usescreen it seems on an ios device).

However if I use ROTOZOOMSPRITE then it puts an edge around it. It doesn't matter what I do with ALPHAMODE (which can cause a lesser edge with DRAWSPRITE if set to -1 but none at all with 0) ROTOZOOMSPRITE comes out with an edge.

I've included an example with DRAWSPRITE and another with ROTOZOOMSPRITE. Both with ALPHAMODE set to 0. Note that ROTOZOOMSPRITE was not rotated or scaled at all (0,1).


[attachment deleted by admin]

Bug Reports / Clearscreen -1 with TouchPad
« on: 2011-Nov-25 »
I have a routine which uses clearscreen -1. It works fine on a PC, iOS devices, and importantly a Pre2.

However on a Touchpad I am having problems with it. It is showing part of the screen many times over. When a sprite is drawn it is like shown in many different places like looking through the eyes of a fly.

I can't be certain if I tried the routine (it is pretty new) and it worked correctly before GLB 10.179, but it definitely is having problems now. Note the rest of my game doesn't use clearscreen -1 and all works fine like every other device, it's only when it goes into the new routine (and uses clearscreen -1) that it has the problem with the screen.


GLBasic - en / Embedded YouTube videos
« on: 2011-Nov-25 »
Does anyone know how to go about embedding an online YouTube video into an app? Importantly this would have to work on different devices such as iOS/Android/WebOS. So you select an option in your app and it shows the video which you can abandon and it goes back to your app.

Essentially I would really like to avoid including a video as part of the app, keeping app size to the minimum, and leaving the storage to YouTube.

I've tried using NETWEBEND as an alternative to embedded video. Fair enough it will do even though the app will be exitted, but that would be ok I guess. On iOS it works fine, launching the YouTube app and playing the video (using the embedded link causes it to open in Safari which is not so nice), but on WebOS it freezes the whole phone for about 30 seconds (nothing works not even turning the phone off, and I thought I would have to eject the battery) but then launches the YouTube app (like iOS) and all is fine. Although weirdly the app is still running in a card by it's side. I thought NETWEBEND kills the app off? Not sure what Android does, I may give it a go later this weekend.


GLBasic - en / Dynamic resolutions
« on: 2011-Oct-31 »
Ok so lets say you want to make a Universal app (I'm thinking iDevice but it can apply to all supported devices). You code it for retina but allow scaling so it will work on any resolution (ie. set project resolution to 9998x9999 or the other way around). Excellent, so essentially it will run at 320x480 on a pre-retina, 640x960 on a retina, and 768x1024 on an iPad. No worries there.

Your game runs smoothly on the pre-retina device and well on the iPad, but the retina device (I'm thinking specifically of the lower powered iPhone4 (not S) and iPod 4th gen) just doesn't quite cut it. It looks better sure, it is 4x the pixels, but the power of the device just isn't enough to make it as smooth as the non-retina device.

Ideally you would want the retina device to then run at the non-retina resolution so it can be smooth. But you still want the iPad to be full res.

So how do you go about making it a universal app but actually for an iPhone4 and iPod 4th gen it should be retina resolution? Infact more complicated is the idea that the iPhone4S and iPod 5th gen should have enough juice to smoothly run retina for your game. So how would you make sure the iPhone4 runs non-retina and the 4S runs retina, all off the same universal app?

Just to make it more complicated, lets say your game looks good but seriously there is no amazingly obvious difference between the retina and non-retina version. ie. it's not such a big impact and is hard to notice the difference. Fair enough you could then make sure that non-iPad devices all run at non-retina but the iPad itself runs at full-HD (for a universal app). However there is no reason why your menu or help screens (especially for small harder to read text) cannot be full retina. What I am saying is it possible to change the resolution on the fly for iDevices (or any device really) and if not then why not? Is it not possible once the app has run or can GLB be updated to allow it?


GLBasic - en / Mobile website
« on: 2011-Oct-29 »
Considering a large percentage of GLB is geared towards mobile devices then it would be great if someone made a mobile portal for this forum.

Seriously it is hard to navigate from a mobile device and worse entering a new post is as slow as balls! Honestly I don't know what's going on with the entry sustenance but even on a pc it's sluggish. On an iPhone (right now) its like typing in treacle. Honestly is a right old type and pray it gets it right. You should see my keyboard going mental showing loads of enlarged letters on the iPhone keyboard because it's sooo slow to respond.

Just my 2p as I do most of my comments here from mobile devices and I'm betting a lot of people here do too.


GLBasic - en / Loadbmp fps drop
« on: 2011-Oct-29 »
Ok so I'm doing a quick side project for my wife on my iPod 4th gen retina device.

Part of it involves having a nice non moving backdrop so I used loadbmp with a full 640x960 jpg. The fps went from 60 to 47. I have a load of other sprites onscreen but this one thing takes up 13fps cos when I take it out it's back to 60 again. Using it as a sprite keeps it about the same so I assume loadbmp is doing the same thing in the background. Using png has no impact so assume they are the same thing in memory.

But really 13fps (at least as its limited to 60 on the device) to just show the background?

My next game keeps 60fps on full retina but it uses 3d. Should I use 3D as the background for a pseudo 2d wallpaper? Or perhaps a smaller sprite zoomed? Will test more tomorrow.


GLBasic - en / 3D object manipulation
« on: 2011-Oct-14 »
Is it possible to alter a 3D object's core values? Say to alter the coords of a single 3D vertex? More importantly, for me, I would like to change the colour of a vertex of a 3D object (or at least to change the complete object to be a certain colour).

Main reason for me is I have some primitive 3D objects that are simply coloured with the X_OBJADDVERTEX command. At a later point I want to change that colour without using a different object or a different coloured texture. Another routine I have uses changing lighting to give a pulse effect on 3D objects, but because of problems with iOS it would be better if I could just change the core colour on the fly giving a similar effect.


GLBasic - en / Alphamode default
« on: 2011-Oct-14 »
Alphamode seems to get reset to 0 after drawing a sprite (or perhaps zoomsprite it's difficult to tell, but it does reset at some point when drawing sprites). Is there a way to set the default value of alphamode? Basically I pretty much use -1 for everything to get all the correct alpha values, and rarely want to use anything else. Just a bit annoying to have to put ALPHAMODE -1 all the time. To be able to say DEFAULTALPHAMODE -1 would be great.


I'm just checking some smoothness issues with my game and I noticed something interesting on my iPod touch (latest gen not counting what's been announced a couple of days ago). Basically I'm limiting the FPS to 60 and with my game there should be no issue in this. It's not exactly Quake 4 or anything.

Anyway I realised my score would not work between games that have different frame rates as I'm not increasing it to do with timings (like movement which I do use). Because of the simplicity of my game then so far all devices are the same score if you let the player die (score keeps going up at a set rate and if you don't touch anything you will die at the same time every time). Obviously this means everything is maxing out at 60FPS (didn't originally set it to 60 but it obviously internally does this as setting to 60 keeps the same score when you die) with no slowdown (seriously is hardly anything to actually slow it down). This is all my devices. A PC running the retina resolution, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and a Pre2 and 3GS (all running quarter overall retina), and a TP running iPad resolution (forget Android tablet as haven't had time to update it).

While I was looking for methods to make sure the score always increases according to the time I noticed something strange. My iPod touch (Retina model) has always looked a little jittery running the game (It works fine if I force non-retina mode though), which I put down to the increased resolution (even though the CPU and GPU are far superior). But the score is exactly half of the other devices. Every time. Hmm. This suggests it is being forced to 30FPS maximum. It cannot be overworked as this score would surely be quite random. So I set all my other devices to" LIMITFPS 30". And they got the same results as the retina iPod. And of course were jittery in exactly the same way.

So that leads me to the conclusion that retina mode for the latest iPod Touch (and I assume iPhone 4) is hardcoded to a maximum of 30 frames per second. Is this correct or am I missing something? Surely this would be obvious in the smoothness of other HD games so I can only assume GLB is limiting it for some reason (hopefully mistakenly rather than intentionally). I seriously want to get my retina devices as smooth as the non-retina ones and I can't see how to do it without reducing the resolution for retina (defeats the point of coding it for retina really).

Gernot? Can you shed some light or at least point out where I'm being a bit of an idiot?


Off Topic / iPhone 4GS
« on: 2011-Oct-04 »
Anyone else deeply unimpressed?


Bug Reports / Latest version causing problems
« on: 2011-Sep-14 »
I don't know what it is but something has gone wrong in the last release or two from GLB.

Basically a friend of mine was playing my latest in development game and reported that he died for no reason whatsoever. Strange. And it always happened around a certain score. Stranger I thought. So I put in a bit of debugging and the like but couldn't really track it down easily. It was something to do with the ES and EntitySingleCollision using an array that I keep adding to using DIMPUSH. But it makes no sense.

Then I tried to replicate on my various devices. It went wrong on every one of them. Fair enough. But then it worked on one. My Palm Pre2 which I hadn't updated with the latest version of my program (every other device worked on the new version). Obviously something to do with my latest version! So I load the old version and it too errors in the same place (ie. in the past I've got much higher scores). Erm. Ok maybe the pre2 version was an older build of the same version I hadn't updated?... So I try a really old version (about 2-3 weeks old), knowing that that version definitely didn't error for no reason and I had got much higher scores in testing (and the main game hasn't really changed it all in that time). And that has the error now too.

So it must be the latest version (or possibly the one before that) of GLB at fault. I read elsewhere that Gernot has changed array handling in the last version so I'm guessing it's that.

Please Obi Wan Gernot, help me in my time of need!

Oh, and while we are at it, the accelerometer doesn't seem to work correctly. Is nothing like the same values as the Pre/iOS/Android.



GLBasic - en / iOS media
« on: 2011-Sep-09 »
Ok so I have update one of my png files for my iOS project in XCode (3 not 4 yet). But the graphics aren't being updated on the device (two different devices so far). In XCode it is showing the new graphic for the png file, but a quick check in iPhone explorer and it's using the old graphics. I remove the graphic using iPhone explorer and rebuild and now it just shows without the graphic. Hmm. Manually replace the file using iPhone explorer and all is well it uses the new graphics. I've tried removing the apps from the devices, restarting XCode fully, all to no avail. It still uses the old graphics. Bit weird. At times like these does the Mac need a reboot or something? Or is there an option to refresh the graphics or something? Can't believe I released a few games on iOS already and never changed an existing graphic... Am sure I did... Maybe Lion being crap? (like you can't put anything in trash now without it asking for a password...)


GLBasic - en / Compressed audio
« on: 2011-Aug-30 »
I'm just using some audio effects and was wondering if a compressed audio format can be used with playsound. I tried an mp3 out but it doesn't play. Are there other formats apart from WAV that works?

Just wondering considering an mp3 sound is so much smaller than a wav and sounds ok.


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