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Pegasus and the Phantom Riders

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Long time no see chaps?!
Gotta do a break from my TRS80 Color II (dragon) Basic game, it is quite a big project and I can´t let it burn me out.

So, time to do a quick GLB game, it will be a JOUST game, a mix between the game on title and Buzzard Bite, both from that same machine.
I will start by posting references, I´m confident you guys know JOUST, but Pegasus? here was me playing it live:

Buzzard Bite on the Dragon is more of a normal JOUST clone, but gameplay is better, controls and what not, here a general tube stuff:

While I have being toying with the idea of a remake for decades, I can´t afford the time to add all I originally planned(like in Burger Lord), so I will go with a mix of them both but will shoot for the very core gameplay. Think of it as Buzzard into the world of Pegasus... we will be flying chickens but it will be on an advancing to an island mission kind of stuff.
Since I live in an island myself, one would think I have plenty of references :D

Other than the GLB game itself, which should be sold for some bucks, I will release assets for a COCO 3 possible game on the COCO FB group, just won´t be coding that.
But am also working with Moru here from our community for a Maximite color 2 version (no charges). I will attempt a COCO 2 version with artifact colors and possibly a ZX spectrum and MSX version too, using MPAGD after.

But on a GLB version, one thing I would like to add is 3 player scheme, but anyways, here is the current WIP visuals.

Joust was one of my favourite arcade games!

Its a classic with some remarkable sophisticated physics for its day.

Good choice Erico!  :good:

that is a nice idea. :-D


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