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How to install the previous Steam version?

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about the problem described in:
This bug does not allow me to develop the program I am making because it is a blocking problem.
how can to return to a older and working GLB Steam version, waiting for this bug to be fixed?
Thank you

Steam has a beta control by clicking over GLBASIC -> properties.
I only see beta there though, no way to run older version as far as I can see.

Thank you erico  :good:

Im have added a bit older version, which is called "2020 version". this was the newest 2020 version, you can choice that when you right click on the app, choice beta and then "2020 version" (which is 16.720). This was the newest 2020 version, before 2021 versions.

As im say steam actuelly save ALL versions, so im can select any version possible as a another beta if desiered. But of course im will not touch the default newest version, so its will not break anything.

PS. Sorry for the late reply as im currectly is focus on Spectrum Next projects.

Good news and ....... welcome back spacefractal  :good:


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