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Is it possible to get my app running in the background? It is an app that alerts you of speed cameras and it would be very important that it work in the background to use it together with a GPS navigator.  :-[
It's definitely not a permissions problem.

Socket connection through Objective-c works perfectly.
I think it may be a problem with 64bit adaptation, since my previous app worked correctly with socket.
Unfortunately it does not work for me. I have tested all possible combinations in my plist file.
The example is very simple, but I add it here.

Code (glbasic) Select

IMPORT "C" int glb_IOS_Log(const char*)

LOCAL ok%,sock%

ok% = SOCK_INIT()

sock% = SOCK_TCPCONNECT("", 80, 5000)
glb_IOS_Log (sock%+" - "+NETGETLASTERROR$())


NETGETLASTERROR$()=57 Socket is not connected

I use the latest version of GLB and XCode iOS 10 Beta 3, but with beta 1 also did not work.

glb_IOS_Log prints a string in XCode via NSLog.
I've done some tests I note that the SOCK_INIT () command works correctly and responds 1, which means that initiates the socket well. However, when the connection is made using SOCK_TCPCONNECT (), an error occurs and responds -1.

XCode displays this error just after using SOCK_TCPCONNECT ().

Code (glbasic) Select
2017-03-05 14:22:39.066829 GLB_PRODUCT_NAME[2984:533812] Warning: Libinfo call to mDNSResponder on main thread

And NETGETLASTERROR$() responds...

Code (glbasic) Select
2017-03-05 14:22:39.381579 GLB_PRODUCT_NAME[2984:533812]  - 57 Socket is not connected

I do not know what can happen.

I hope someone can help me with this data I provide.  :whistle:
Finally working multitasking!!!. You are my idol.  :nw: :nw: :nw:
Puedes enviarla por socket. GLB incorpora muy buenos comandos para ésto que funcionan muy bien aunque si no estás familiarizado puede resultar un poco frustrante al principio. Te puedo echar una mano si lo necesitas pero te tengo que decir que si es para iOS olvídate porque no funciona, hay que usar sus propias librerías. Yo tengo que adaptar una app para iOS y tendré que crearme mis propias rutinas en objective c. Si lo consigo te lo puedo pasar.

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Fantastic spacefractal !!!. Thank you for working so hard for the community. I do not know what we would do without you.  :nw: :nw: :nw:
Those are great news!!!! :nw: :nw:.

Is it all about replacing the WHILE loop with SUB GLB_ON_LOOP?
I can not make it work. I have programmed a test code and this is the result:

Code (glbasic) Select
LOCAL cont

INC cont
PRINT "test "+cont,0,30





Attachment screenshot.
I'll try it.

What do your GLB_ON_PAUSE and GLB_ON_RESUME do?

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My applications in that case start from the beginning.

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So I'm doing it now but it takes time to load and the result is not what I wanted.

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Hi SF. I do not use IN APP but Admob and I'm very interested in multitasking working correctly.

I appreciate your efforts.

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