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Just to mention. SOUNDPLAYING() is not working, but ISMUSICPLAYING() do. In this case, not sure why..... Also if you play a sound that does not exists, all sounds stops its seen (like a HUSH).
dont uses MOUSESTATE variable directly as its just checking or should checking its either held down or not. You should uses something like this?

Code (glbasic) Select

MOUSESTATE mx, my, mba, mbb
IF mba=1

Remember the main loop for webgl is allways GLB_ON_LOOP, so using GOTO for looping is a very bad idea and might crash (im did removed comply of those in my own games when that got changed). Hence MOUSEWAIT would newer work....
decorations and polish seens take some time, currectly focus only on the original levels by now (decorations from level 1-14 is done).... But its gonna to look great.

The only eventuelle missing may been more "trash" items im can put on the floor (.(like the soccerball)..... hihi. And that is pretty much that it.

btw im choosen not to have too much graphics on the background and has been downtoned it a bit, so its being more clear. Seens works fine in action.

Im can say all 4 themes works as intended and only uses one tile image file for all 4.
has been in idle about this game in a week. Howover all 20 originals is done and also got some new themes, which take some time....

Actuelly this time uses much less memory than before and can put all themes on one imagemap.....
its could have fails to deviver 60fps? since im was aware webgl is slower, that why im added back 30 fps and graphics settings for that game, a game that is quite fillrate hungry (its now only uses the 200px tileset, that property got downscaled). and a game that diddent uses systemtimer, but frameskips, something im wont change. Lucky its not a action game at all.

Im does do vsync in that game.....
its cant run vista or windows 10? its seen its only win 7 and 8 and 8.1. Nost Vista or windows 10. All my machines runs Win 10, except one. the main machine. That one using Win 11, but also using ClassicShell and Explorer Patcher, or im would not have liked or usaable. hihi.
you should checkout this post with the changes im did:

This also include a tool, that does adds icons etc after compiling and canvas resize checking and more.

This minimal version would sadly not work with the tool and fixes im did, that also have a loading presentation with loading status (which take some time, before the canvas actuelly starts) and canvas, saving (which was a pain to get working correctly), resize etc and... yes fixed the right click issue.

And yep, that version im did was designed to been more release presentation. Just checkout any of my games. All my games using this tool and code. And yep. The logs in the textarea used is nonesense as.... browsers can showup the logcat if needed anyway.
im can confirm this happens if the debug mode is enabled, but works when disabled. then its pause and resume correctly. This is not a  biggie for me at all, as when we release stuff, we should not enable debug stuff anyway.

PS. Just to reminder, Windows 7 would been depreacted support from 2024, due steam.
Is you using WINDOWS 11?

Here its seen AUTOPAUSE TRUE does not work as intended, since GLB_ON_RESUME and GLB_ON_PAUSE is newer called.

Im think im can confirm.

keypresses did do not send to the game while minimized throught here, but might do that if activated.
its simply due that whay Android and WebGl is pretty much the same.

MOUSEWAIT is a bad command, because its does not show any graphics in meantimes and also halt GLB_ON_LOOP operation in meantime (very bad idea). Due that, the system thinks the app is gonna to been in crash, due its does not repons as GLB_ON_LOOP was newer finished in time. MOUSEWAIT was orignally only meant to been a debug command.

That is due SHOWSCREEN is now required to been used with GLB_ON_LOOP calls. GLB_ON_LOOP should been in the main loop and glbasic automatic call it when the functions ens with the desirered framerate.

Old projects might not uses it, but need to been changed to only uses GLB_ON_LOOP as main function. Some of my games diddent do that either back in the time.

Remember Android/Webgl behaiver quite different than Windows.

For the Cave Heroes project, here is what my function is to give it idea:

Code (glbasic) Select

LOCAL changed=CheckCanvasSize()
IF changed=TRUE

IF S_Status$="load"
IF S_Status$="pause"
IF S_Status$="show" OR S_Status$="menu"

IF UpdateTicks<1
LOCAL updat=INTEGER(UpdateTicks)
FOR i=1 TO updat
IF S_Status$="menu"
IF S_Status$="show" OR S_Status$="menu" OR S_Status$="pause"
IF GAMEFADE=0 AND GAMEON=0 //AND Objectdata[0].dat[16]=1
the main thing also dont uses loops without GLB_ON_LOOP. (called once per frame/gameupdate). GLB_ON_LOOP is automatic called by the language on new frame on the framerate you choice.
MOUSEWAIT would newer work on that platform as its will more or less just freeze the game, due how that platform works, which is heavy tied to GLB_ON_LOOP. You cant also load assest in one go, but need to go throught  GLB_ON_LOOP as well.

So nothing im can do here.

Uses MOUSESTATE instead. That command works fine.

So if you ask me, MOUSEWAIT should been depreacted completly.
Actuelly im wanted a higher resolution, hihi. anyway im did do include the Atari 2600 graphics in the old 2009 remake version, but im do not have plans to do include them this time, even im easely could do that. All is actuelly just by theme.

Lobo do might help me to add some decorations for the bg's.

Howover im do used websave palette for the fs, so its got a old ms dos like look.

Howver while the original remake used 18x40 tiles, this one uses 18x36.
im is not alone, actuelly im like this version of H.E:R.O as well. Its is this kind of background decorations im is seeking for really, not a full background (not played it, but looks and seens to plays very nice):

etc decorations like grass, icetaps, broken cart, pipes, poles and so on, but generally background still black and should not have too much depth (if any, as im fell decorations is the way). So im dont thinks its need a full second background really.
Finally done a project, howover currectly password protected (its code is glbasic, also this language as a password):

Im thinks the main major missing is getting Intermissions caves to work again and then doing more caves (level 11-20 from original example). Im planning doing 50 caves in this game.

The game is just about under 10mb in download (due im have not added any tune, which im property could do something with the sega version of the game, that did had a tune and could been have fun with it).

Im does think the game require a much better descibtion of this game.