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I know that's not very urgent, but I read some topics and I saw that the 3D engine was not very functional on the Wiz. It work, but it have some commons bugs. I can't confirm that, but I will buy one Wiz during the Christmas holiday, so I just wanted to remind you that this console need GLBasic to grow and you seemed to forget a little this platform these day.

So thank you, just to remind you!  :whistle:

Kitty Hello

No, not really. The Wiz stuff runs nicely and Ian for one does great games with GLBasic for the Wiz. The 3D support is as good as it can be ATM. The OpenGL drivers from GPH are not useable for GLBasic. They work for small example programs, but there's lots of extensions and functions that simply do not work. I'll switch to OpenGL|ES when the devers are fine, since it's just an #ifdef in my code. The iPhone library already uses ES.


Hi   :)

I just get the Wiz yesterday and look around for good dev tool ... and ... as you can imagine , i found your GLBasic page  ;)
My interest are 3D for the Wiz , but as i have read it's not really compatible.
And because i just trust what i see myself , is there 3D pre-compiled examples i can DL in my Wiz for test ?
I ask just because i will do allot mistake at start if i try the demo version and then mean it don't work  :S
Is GLBasic using the Wiz 3D hardware or is it only software ?
I know is multi platform , but will be good if someone can give the maximum info on what we can do on Wiz with this compiler.

Best Regards  :good:

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As Gernot Said,

The WIZ manufacturer (GPH) has not release the SDK, so GLBasic is as compatible as it can be at the moment without a proper SDK. All of the WIZ developers (even no glbasic related) are facing the same problems with the 3D and all have the same limitations (lack of a proper SDK). So, is not a question about GLBasic compatibility...

Once the SDK is released (probably before christmas), we expect to have full 3d support.
Lets hope GPH will do the homework properly.
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Thanx allot for this info , i suppose i will then get GLBsaic when this is done  =D
The language seem to be easy to learn and i like no runtime and external dll solution  ;)
Theory is when we know everything and nothing work ...
Practice is when we know nothing and everything work ...

Kitty Hello

Right. The 3D so far is software renderer, but it's rather fast. The OpenGL|ES implementatino of GPH is ridiculous.