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« on: 2014-Sep-06 »
GETDESKTOPSIZE causes this error

ps. gernot could you look into why all windowed binaries on win32 become blacked-out after minimizing them for a 10-15 minutes?

*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.10.053 SN:17b922e3 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:1334 commands
C:\Users\A10TRI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp: In function `int __GLBASIC__::__MainGameSub_()':
C:\Users\A10TRI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp0.cpp:794: error: no matching function for call to `GETDESKTOPSIZE(DGInt&, DGNat&)'
C:/Program Files (x86)/GLBasic_v12/Compiler/platform/Include/glb.h:1369: note: candidates are: void __GLBASIC__::GETDESKTOPSIZE(DGInt&, DGInt&)
C:/Program Files (x86)/GLBasic_v12/Compiler/platform/Include/glb.h:1370: note:                 void __GLBASIC__::GETDESKTOPSIZE(DGNat&, DGNat&)
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 3.0 sec. Time: 01:44
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

New codesnippet...litterally in every sense of it.

This is how you turn time, into a circle =D

Actually, this shows how i fluxuate a color back and forth....smoothly.
In this snipet...the color fades from White to Black To White in one second.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// Color Override - Fluxuator
STATIC ColorRotator% = 0 , ColorWheel% = 1
LOCAL Circulartime = 2.777777778 // = 1000/360, one second of time divided by 360.  Divide gettimer() with this, and accumulate the value every loop, and you get 360 degrees rotating every second.
ColorRotator = (GETTIMER()/Circulartime) + ColorRotator
IF ColorRotator > 359 THEN ColorRotator = 0
ColorWheel = INTEGER((SIN(ColorRotator) * 127) + 128)
Color = RGB(ColorWheel,ColorWheel,ColorWheel)

Media Section: '[FRIED] Free Random Image Export Depository'

The intention here is to have an archive of images that can be used for any purpose, by our GLBasic community.
And now I will thank everyone of you personally ahead of time, for sharing your works of art!

I will be moderating this thread, so be hip with these rules!
Breaking these rules will put all your images into scrutiny of my judgemental eye,
 and possible deletion of your posts.  :rtfm:
Please respect the rules(mainly so i dont have to work harder than i already do),
 and the whole community will be able to really enjoy and use this thread effectively.

Rule #1: If you post to this thread, please share a nice image that you made.
No posts will be permitted without an accompanying image!
As a curtesy to the creators, If you are starting with a screenshot, please post with a link or a reference to the original.
The idea for this rule is to allow you to share really cool looking stuff, as long as you are not breaking any laws by doing so.
And please, keep it RATED G, refrain from sharing images that involve human interactions of any kind.
These images should be useful, like for games, or other cool programs, or maybe wallpapers!

Rule #2: Dont include any text on the images.
When i say any text, this includes watermarks(this could be tricky, especially if you are starting with screenshots) if possible!
If you want to describe it, do so in the main body of your post.
If any symbolism is very noticable in your images, please dont post it.
When i say 'symbolism', I am meaning: No Human Generated Symbolism, period, the end, none at all, sorry, they BETTER be screaming Switzerland!
Exception: fonts for GLBasic

Rule #3: These images must not have any copyrights, totally free, royalty free, re-editable, re-distributable.
Any conflicts that arise due to these images, is a conflict that I may not have mentioned, yet, un-said were implied and you are doing wrong!

Bug Reports / Opengl Rendering Ceases..
« on: 2014-Aug-14 »
When i minimize a server(or even a client) for a few minutes(around 10-15minutes), the rendering in the window ceases.
It also stops rendering the title bar of the window...although the X at the top right corner works...but you cant see it(i just guessed where it is and clicked)

NOAA GOES - West Hemisphere Satelite Weather Recorder and Time Lapse.

I couldnt hold this back works good and its time to share a beta version.

The complete project is attached to this message.
This is a test, yet a fully functioning program.

Downloads the latest imagery, and plays it back in a time lapse.
You need to let it run for a few days to get a good lapse.

I uploaded the previous 4 days, dating from the last upload time here, as it is not a cloud database, it is local aquisition.

More information can be found in the project.
Compile in GLBasic.

Version 140910:

Bug Reports / LOADSPRITE and Memory
« on: 2014-Aug-06 »

Im having an issue with loading images, and my ram being wiped out.
Is there something about LOADSPRITE that im not aware of?

i have 8 gigs of ram installed.
The os uses 2 gig, the program uses about 4 gig, and the gpu is using 2 gig of onboard ram.

When i load about 38 images of around 1mb~2mb each, jpg format, my program ends.
This group of images total about 45 mb.
The windows7 os complaining about resources being depleted, and the program is forced to shutdown.
I was watching my task manager, and i noticed well over 4 gig of ram is being used up by the program, very odd.
The ram was disappearing slowly as the program loads each of the takes about a minute to get to #38 image.

Thats about 1 gig of ram being used for roughly 8 images.

Just a reference chart, ive been playing around making ancient technology menus =D

GLBasic - en / Happy Holidays!
« on: 2013-Dec-25 »
Merry christmas, and a happy new year!

Happy Holidays to all!


Announcements / 3d particle engine is in!
« on: 2013-Nov-26 »
Dearest GLB-Gang,

APE - A 3d particle engine for GLBasic can be found in 3d snippets section of this forum.
The download for the lib is in the first message of the thread.
Happy thanksgiving, happy holidays!


This library was created by Björn Rosenthal AKA Moru, in 2008 for GLBasic.
Have fun making midi music!
ps. midi structure is a bit cryptic, you should probably learn about midi format before attempting to make software with this lib.

edit: March 30, 2021
IDE Version 15.238, Windows 7

Bug Reports / v11, windows DLL
« on: 2013-Jan-04 »
I am not able to output DLL in version 11, can anyone confirm this?

Heh and who thought he knew about data sorting?

Off Topic / Goodbye! Yahoo!
« on: 2012-Dec-19 »
Yahoo! said,  "Get! Lost!"

Sad really, i have had an account with them forever, and i was one to "swear by them!".

They have litterally no support for windows xp browsers..ive tried all these; firefox, chrome, ie, safari, only to find the email composer broken, and homepage totally ugly and broken on all of them.

Hello! GMail!

Bug Reports / TK lib
« on: 2012-Dec-16 »;topic=8806.0;attach=5566
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: TK
// Start: Sunday, December 16, 2012
// IDE Version: 11.261
// --------------------------------- //
// Gernot, seriously speaking, I Don't want to ruin your day.
// If you ignore this thread, that won't bother me a bit.
// This report is rather extensive, and can be used by other people, as a "known issues list."
// I didn't check all the commands, as a matter of fact, i didn't get chance to use most of them.
// - Hope you have a great holiday season!
// - Neil
// =========================================================================================================================== //
// Bug report - TK Project @ GLBasic\Samples\_Projects_\TclTk
// Bugs found -
//    1. KEY() - always returns 0. afterthought: makes me wonder if other controllers are working too, I didnt test joystick.
//    2. ALLOWESCAPE TRUE - Doesn't work either way..keys aren't recognized.
//    3. Dialog window section isn't part of the IDE options window size. The dialog and the opengl view are culmulative in size.
//    4. AUTOPAUSE FALSE - Command must be FALSE, otherwise window locks, program freezes.
//    5. tk_ComboBox() command
//      a. This typo is in the help dialog of the TclTk.gbas file -
//         // \param text$ - items, seperated by "|" character
//      b. You must use a space, not a bar | to separate elements in this combo box.
//         - It could be a bit handier to use | instead of the space, so some writting can be an option.
//         - eg. "All images|*.bmp|*.png"
//      c. "0", Zero is always returned to this caller: tk_GetVal$(combo%)
//    6. tk_ListBox() command
//      a. elements do not 'deselect' if you click on the words instead of whitespace.
//      b. list resets if you use a tk_ComboBox(), Is this expected, maybe?
//    7. SYSTEMPOINTER - true or false, the mouse is always system style.
//    8. MOUSEAXIS() - x and y returns unexpected integers, buttons not sensed.
//  9. MOUSESTATE - returns all zeros
//  As an alternative to putting buttons in the main window, and to make most of the stuff work(excluding combobox), take these steps(unfortunetly it makes a second window instead) -
//  1. comment these out -
//    // ogl% = tk_OpenGL(1280,720);
//    // tk_GL_Swap(ogl) // SHOWSCREEN
//  2. Add SHOWSCREEN in place of gl swap.
// Questions - hope its not too many {innocent whistle}
//    1. How do i find these optional attribute values?  \param style$ - optional Tk style attributes
//    2. do we need to include the whole library found in the .app directory?
//    3. Are both drivers needed in the app directory at all times, or just one or the other in certain situations?
//    4. Is this driver/library set part of a future release integrated into GLBasic command sets?
//    5. Is there a way to left justify instead of center the elements in the dialog?
//    6. Is there a way to start radio buttons with a default selected dot?
//    7. Is there an optional way to stack the radio buttons instead of spanning to the right?
//    8. Is there a slider?
// Feedback -
//    I was just playing around with this TK project for grins.
//    toying the idea of using windows buttons in future GLBasic tools.
//    Please, dont rush to fix this on my behalf, i dont need these, at all.
//    I do like how this library works, its great.
//    I see no framerate loss at all!
//  The project seems overwhelming at first.
//    However daunting it may seem, the reality is you dont need to learn much about it to use it effectively.
//    After about an hour i found it VERY easy to use.
//    Making a row of buttons; across the top, or down the side, or any side, is very easy to do.

[attachment deleted by admin]

APE A particle engine, a 3d particle system lib for GLBasic.

This lib was last updated in january 2013.
This lib is released 11/26/2013.
Happy Thanksgiving, happy holidays!


[attachment deleted by admin]

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