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Quote from: Slydog on 2013-Dec-09
One thing I need to get better at (which I am at work) is keeping each code library completely independent from each other, as much as possible.  For example, my Input library will use my Rectangle (x, y, w, h) TYPE from another library, but then I can't change my Rectangle library without other libraries bugging out. (May be a bad example, but the point is valid).

Yeah! That's a pain. Its so tempting sometimes, when pushed for time, to just code a bowl of noodles. Things work but are so tangled up it takes time to de-couple libraries if you want to re-use them.


Well, I guess I agree with you guys considering that perspective. What I usually do is sketch most of the visuals on the glb notebook and main objects too. I just felt i should have done a bunch more. Thing is, I would like to work future projects in team, so some design documents might help keeping the core in focus even if just in a general way. My current way of coding dont even use multiple files. This game currently has 4k commands all in one listing. There is a loooooot to learn here for me...but good thing it works!:)


both my games also took longer time as excepted. Greedy Mouse even was originally plan to a little mini game for a another game, which im then later scrapped. Also im did also lost inpiration for one game once, which im get im did implement the game in the complete wrong order.

Im hope my game is finished somewhere in january, but would been fun your game could been finished same time.

Which platforms do you plan a release to?
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Time is the reason I´m looking into some simple informal documenting, like the very first pictures of the GLB notebook I posted in this thread.
I have about 10 pages of that (the important part), and they are more of a visual layout than anything else. I´m a fast producer but a slow creator. If things are layouted I can finalize it really quick, if not, it may take a long time if ever.

My hopes here are that I finish it by the end of January now :x

I plan to release it free for Caanoo, Pandora. $2.99 for android, PC, Mac, Linux. (webos?)
Ouyeahh would be nice, but I´m sure it would be too much for me to implement the requirements, specially the inapp freemium stuff.

The project core sports a few games following this idea going about a few strange tropical fruit trees. But I´m not sure I will be able to handle the next 4.
Might depend on the financial results of this one, otherwise I might delve into different genders.


Im could also help with the inapp part eventuelly, if you want. You dont release this to iOS?
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And finally some info on the gameplay, as writing is all I´m able this few days coming.
This is a single screen action game where you have to collect falling objects to score point and
beat bosses (think arkanoid+pong kind of stuff).

Storywise, the kids wanna make a tree house to play, but before that they kind of have to deal with
the tree´s inhabitants and hazards.

You control both kids left and right and you are able to perform a quick dash. Movement has
inertia, so, changing direction, starting a movement and stopping, takes a little time. Crucial time.
The dash is a fast movement that cancels inertia, but travels fixed distance and you come to
a full stop at the end. Here you have to time both. Normal movement is the best call for about all
the time. Dashing is better for escaping tough position, reaching out to grab that further
bonus/avocado, etc.

About the objects:

.Green Avocado.
That is what you have to collect to score. There is about 100 green avocados throughout the game.
They start falling slowly on frequency(1 or 2) and crowds up as game goes by(6 simultaneously).
The game´s timeline is dictated by the amount of green avocados that has already felt.

.Bark of tree.
This you have to avoid. They fall out same fashion frequency wise to the
green avocados, they can be confusing colorwise against the tree´s trunk.

.Branch of tree.
This you ultimately have to avoid too, it performs a 2x hit and stays on
ground for some time. Players movement is halved while going by it. But if you ´burger time´ it,
they dissolve and go away faster.

.Golden avocado.
This counts score wise as a single avocado but replenish 1 heart of energy.
Very few fall throughout the game.

.Monkey safado.
After a while, monkeys will gang up and reach out of the tree to grab one
green avocado mid-air while laughing. That can sure waste your time one.

.Fallen monkey.
They are not perfect, so once in a while one falls of the tree and you
take a hit if it falls over you. After that, he enragelly runs back to the trunk and climb up.
If it goes through you, you take multiple hits.

These fall around kind of constantly from the tree. They don´t harm, but
can distract attention.

.Dark green avocado.
These cannot be collected, they will crack and bounce back into the air.
The cracked avocado cannot be collected either, they will hurt players. This is your ballistic weapon.
They will destroy all similar size objects(but the leaves) or simply get destroyed if it hits a larger object.
They bounce accordingly to the players movement. It takes a while to master.
It can be a double edge weapon since it can hurt you or destroy power ups and green/gold avocados.

Power ups:

These appear whenever you bounce back dark green avocados and hit something every 4 times.
The game can be divided into 2 parts. A "collect avocado" part and a "fight the bosses" part with
no green avocados. Powers will give you advantages on both parts.
If you have all 4 powers, then next few clashes will summon a gold avocado.

.Gold Power.
Will bring a lot of gold avocados into the game and between bosses. Will
give you much better chance to replenish your energy.

.Lunete Power.
Will make it easier to spot the green avocados during rain. Will make it
easier to spot the very last boss (ghost).

.Banana Power.
Will peace up the monkeys. They won´t hurt you if you clash with one running back to the tree, including the 2nd boss.
Monkeys won´t steal green avocados either.
Beware you still get hurt if one falls over your head.

.Cloud Power.
Will appease the hardest storms, thunder and winds throughout the whole game.


While things are hard enough already, you get random environment moods to mix it up.

Can be of 3 speeds, will push all game objects and players towards its direction.
The harder the winds, the more leaves fall from the tree. Each object gets affected differently by it.

Will gradually soak up the floor and reduce player´s speed, the effect will gradually wear off if not raining.
All avocados will look like the dark one unless you have the lunete power.

Can happen during rain and will halt your movement if it hits you walking.

Some combination of rain and wind can cause a severe storm, the background will darken up and thunder will happen.
If a thunder strikes, and players are on the ground (neither hit or dashing), they will perform a little uncontrollable jump scare.
You can´t collect things while scared.


.Morcegão (bat).
First boss, an usual lovely beast of the avocado tree, it arrives in surprise, can perform 2 atacks, a side one and a dive one.
You have a limited amount of time to beat it. You can do so bouncing dark green avocados into it.

.Macacon Patrão.
A huge monkey riding a little bike traverses the front and background.
It jumps once in a while destroying everything it air.
Tough to hit, you beat it the same way as the bat.
You have a time limit to beat it too.

.Possessed Tree.
The tree gains evil spirit medium powers!
Its roots will jump scare players.
It spits 2xhit blobs and also vomit a huge amount of goo that will also jump scare you.
There are about 4 styles of vomiting. You have to hit its face. No time limit here, either win or loose.

The one possessing the tree (Lo pan?), it dosen´t attack but it shows up briefly before going invisible.
Hit it once and you are done. You have a very short time limit to do so.


Main score points come from collected green avocados. If the game ends and you have some energy left, each full heart is worth 5 point.
Each boss beaten is 5 points too. Each power up NOT collected is worth 5 points.
Depending on points and game achievements, you get presented with a little story on what kind of tree house the kids build and how they play with it.

In sum, that is about it. I wrote this really quick so excuse my poor english here. I might have forgotten a few things though but I hope you get the general engine idea behind it and that I have some written material to polish later into a game doc/article or whatnot. :good:

Will try recording a full gameplay later today.


Thanks for the offer Space! :good:
I will try to get it first out on those platforms, then I will look into it.

I have some ideas for the IOS, but for that I will have to team up with some friends here, either for I don´t have the hardware neither the license neither the will to fork out for it without at least 5 good/avarege games under my leaves. I will probably try to pester Gernot for publishing it for me and we share the profits :-[ ;/ (don´t tell him :P) just in case people actually like this game and it dosen´t bring too much trouble.


Oh my...miss my fast internet speed, here is horrible :'( Feels like my cel phone could do better :noggin:

Anyways, you get my standard gameplay. Understand I´m ace into this game (played it a few billion times), people will take a while to get into it.
Lots of things are on the way of balancing.

Here it goes, I didn´t manage the second boss unfortunantly.

edit: is just for fun, just things I like from extreme competent musicians, not in-game music.
edit2: for one reason, it is getting a bit hard to post youtube as the https won´t work, just http...and doing so it goes the lowest resolution and compression.

edit345: Oh...One very important thing on this game I planned from start, it is to be an about 5-minutes-game at the most...very casual. I did plan to have it 3 minutes, but ended up extending a bit, and that is if you reach the end, otherwise it takes less time to play :).


Looks, play and sound nice. I'm do like the music in this one.

You should do various difficulties for the game, so th causal and hardcore players will play it.

You should to dither graphics on android if look the same. Cooler banding here looks very intended.

Eventually im could publish it on ios and testing on that. Here is email talk.
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I cant say I have seen a casual "5 Minute" game with graphics that gorgeous. Think very hard about what music you are going to use with it as would be a shame to spoil them gfx with a crappy tune.

Keep up the good work Erico  :good: :good:

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- "These go to eleven."

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Tune can been hard to choice. Before it's was heavy rock (which I'm diddent like, but hoeover it's would work when the tree attack the kids). But as least the current tune style does not interfere gameplay. Yes I'm known it's added for fun.
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That looks hard!

Its interesting how things are almost perpetually changing. Many games would milk that so you only got incremental changes per level.

What happens if the time limit runs out for defeating the bicycle monkey?


Yep, it was to be extremely hard... but I chickened out, to many friends complaining about it being impossible and only me able to play :D

There is a lot of randomness going on, never twice the same game.
Here is the very first timeline (based on the amount of green avocados that has already fallen).

So you have points where the amount of the same object increases and others that the possibility for it to fall is higher.
Even with all these random events, the game still average at ~3.5 minutes for the collecting part.
I had played turns that not even a single drop of water rained.

If time goes off for the bat and monkey, the next time they leave the screen they don´t come back and in a few seconds the final score table drops down.
There will probably be a noise, animal yell/laugh, when that happens. (boss sounds are still WIP)

This timeline has already changed million times, and I´m still to easy up the game a bit more here and there.


Look at pac sam for ios, its same kind of randomize game. Its have 4 kind of diffilculty, which the easy mode just have fewer items on screen. This would been much more fun for any player.

The current one could been hard mode, while easy mode could just drop more things to get and/or fewer things to avoid. Also bosses could take fewer hits to kill or avoid in that mode. Rest randomize should been the same.
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Yuuhuu!!! very very good, I always thinked the game will be like a game and watch, but it's seems really fun, the FUC*** bat, really it's hard, and the monkey in cycle it's very very cool desing...

Graphically it's very nice too see, and pixel Art, 3D artisit doing pixel Art  :good: , the change of wheater it's very nice too!!!

I only see a entrange thing in an Sprite of rain, them are a group water, appears 6 whites lines, and the effect I don't like too much, but for all the rest chapó... Finally the game it's practically ended , ins`t?¿.