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I too noticed massive problems with this, had to revert to an earlier version. I was using limitfps. Experienced it on both Win 7 and Win 10 machines.
As a technology, 3D is great. However the sins of my past include many game conversions where I took 2D games into 3D, and I always feel like something was lost in the process. Personally I've fallen back in love with 2D gameplay and graphics, it is the new black. Most of the non-professional 3D games just don't look right to me. I expect a 3D game to look like it's running on the Unreal engine with the same level of detail. 2D games have more character and we seem to be able to accept their flaws more readily.
haha, nice.

I remember when I got my first computer with a sound card and I converted heaps of songs so I could 'type' and play the music...even used to cart my rig down to church on sundays and play hymns lol!
Scratch is pretty neat, I made a simple asteroids game with guided missiles . The only problem is it is very difficult to generate new instances of objects, but the addon/update called BYOB takes care of this I think.  Nice how all your projects are playable in a browser.

I have pulled the pin on the MIT course. Too confusing for me. It takes me too long to work out what they are asking you to do, and my lack of math really hinders my attempts.  The Harvard course is much more interesting, approachable, clear and enjoyable so I'll keep that one going.
Do u need a design on it, or just the shape?
I wish I'd completed a bit of a refresher on math before beginning the MITx course...Took me ages to work out the polynomial exercises this week because it's been 25 years since I last looked at one. Onto hangman now though...should be more familiar territory.
If u get through the AI module, feel free to make a complete list of the concepts one would need to know before really attempting it...then I'll have some homework.
Forgot Magicka   great game and helps you learn to type as well ;)
You're in my wheelhouse now. These are the ones I've enjoyed. Let me know if you want any further details about any.

Make sure you check out It's th best site dedicated to coop gaming.

Mount and blade warband (my sons fav at the moment)
Torchlight 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (Prefer the original, but some prefer the sequel)
Titans Quest
Battlefield 1 and 2
Conflict global storm/denied ops (strong language) single player sucks though coop is good
lord of the rings war in the north (buggy, but still good)
Sniper elite v2 (kill shots bit gorey though)
Hidden and dangerous 2 (with the saber squadron coop expansion)
Alien swarm
Call of duty world at war
Dead island
Left for dead
Dungeon defenders
Ghost recon advanced warfighter
Killing floor
Serious Sam
Soldiers heroes of ww2
Star trek away team
I am completing the Harvard and MIT computer science subjects. I have been coding for years but never realized how much fundamental stuff I didn't know. The MIT course learning curve got a bit steep this week (took me a while to get my head around recursive bisection searches). The syntax of python also takes some getting used to, but the principles are pretty sound.

Would like to do the AI course next semester if I can.
Dealextreme ( have started selling arduino compatible boards fir about $24 with free worldwide postage.
Agreed, torchlight is great.  Torchlight 2 with multiplayer is on my most anticipated list too  :good:
Can I prescribe 28 Days Later and a big dose of Walking Dead for you?  :sick:
Different time zone helped  ;)

/edit oops, was a bit tired  :bed:
First time ludum darite I am, I have coded all day...finished but for audio and a title screen  :bed: