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Good news Schranz0r.

It's an interesting question Qedo!
The problem was that OB3D used only OpenGL, but the HTML5 port uses OpenGLES so a mobile version must be possible  ;)
Without forgetting that it is quite easy to transform an HTML5 application into a mobile application.


One more thing about animation - skeleton based is faster/better than per vertex and simply allows to do more things. But generally I'm not in '3d mode' from a long time, yet it's good to see possible alternatives or libs that could bring additional features to GLB.
Demo looks nice, runs smooth, but I had some issue running it - two or three first runs were crashes with some error (din't make any dumps/error logs), after that demo runs properly. Don't know why but it style reminds me Half-Life.. ;)
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


2 or 3 crashes?
Damn, yet I tested it on several computers (even on my dinosaur computer) without crashing  :(
Indeed I will have to make an error log.

Thank you for this reference to this cult game... Yes it's true that the style looks a bit like Half-Life.

I finish the wrapper, improve the IA, add enemies, shots, etc ... and the next demo will be a mini game (a mini FPS).