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Hi There

Is there anyone with Android 8 phone or tab that is willing to install one of my apps to test?

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The really major changes in Android in Api 27 (Android 8.1) is the Android Go support, which require that SDK to been used. Howover all you really need to do is insert a line to Androidmanifest.xml. Its dont see any major changes accourding to the compatible , since they still support Android 4.0 and Android 4.1 and up. Android support under that is Depreacted by google.

If im update to that SDK, then all Admob thing will been removed and will not been implemented back again, due Android Studio requirements. Inapp purchases is still supported and actuelly still works. But im will newer ever suppport consumeable purchase, which is the worst thing which have been ever happens on those years. So much do im hate them (im pretty much skips any apps that using them).

For Android Go, im pretty much thinks most of the apps coded in glbasic do have under the ram required used in a game. Greedy Mouse example uses around 28-30mb ram.

Currectly im do not do that by now. Im also have no Android 8 devices to test, other than eventuelly emulators.
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I paid for Fiverr guys for some testing until Android 8

I noticed some crash issues on 8.
Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs