Quixotic Released for HP Touchpad (iPad & Android coming soon)

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Just a quick announcement that I have (finally) just released Quixotic, a retro-arcade shooter for the HP Touchpad. It is available now in the HP App Catalog. Coming soon for iPad and Android. Hope you like it!

From the app description:

Quixotic (Quick-Sotic) Take command of Earth's last remaining line of defense against the sinister shenanigans of the accursed Beta-8 Alliance. You command the last remaining orbiting defense platform QXC-01, better know as the "Quixotic" defense station. Outfitted with an 8-way laser cannon system, the QXC-01 is capable of impressive firepower. Power-ups will beam to your area from time to time to increase the capabilities of the mighty QXC-01... supercannon, lasersaw, and lightning nuke are but a few of the special weapons that will become available to you during your magnificent resistance. The enemy is merciless, the onslaught is intense. The fleet you face is varied... ramships, bombers, fighters, fast scout ships, sniper ships, and the awe-inspiring firepower of the wicked Girtan Gunship.. not to mention the appearance of those dastardly Beta-8 Generals including that nasty little taunting germ-thing in a diaper. The survival of the people of Earth hangs in the balance! Features: Intuitive 8-Way laser cannon system to defend the Quixotic station! Retro-inspired intensely addictive gameplay! Responsive left or right handed touch-screen controls! (however, we suggest you use both hands.. seriously) Power-ups, bonus-points, and hull-healing warp cores! Excellent arcade-type sound effects and music! A veritable potpourri of stylish enemies with varied attack strategies! Bone cracking boss battles! Retro-inspired HD graphics & cool special fx! We find ourselves in this hopeless but glorious battle, fight on as long as you can! Good luck, Commander!


Thanks for all the help guys, especially to Kitty!

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