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GLBasic - en / Re: GWC Zero
Im pretty sure, that the linux compile option compiles for x86 only, so it would not run an a console with a MIPS architecture. But maybe one of the linux console builds (GPC etc) are worth a try?
Probably the 2nd way, because thats how usually all bitmap fonts are done, when you dont have a file to load all the needed informations from.

If you want to write your own proportional bitmap font, you may also want to have a look at work that others did before:

  • Moru's font lib is quite popular in the community, as far as I know. Also check his website.
  • Personally I fond Qedo's work very useful and a good start for my own work, especially since its is quite minimalistic and easy to follow.
  • Or you look at external tutorials regarding this topic, e.g. I liked to work with Lazy Foo's tutorials.
Align only gives 3 Positions: -1=left, 0=center, 1=right. That is not exactly the same as free positioning everywhere, I still think placing a spacer in front gives better results.
I just tried it again: 1st try did not work because my antivir/firewall did block it, but after I allowed this, it is working. Please note, that it will run 2 program instances that communicate with each other using TCP network traffic, so you need to allow this if you want the DDcreator to work.
Im not sure if HTML5/WebGL implementation was ever finished, probably not? I dont know about anyone who used this productively.
GLBasic - en / Re: INTEGER64
There is so much stuff, thats not in the manual, especially the additions of the last 3 years. I think its save to say, that the manual is obsolete, outdated and one of the biggest flaws of GLBasic. Since the community project to renew it died, there is not much hope anymore.
GLBasic - en / Re: INTEGER64
Why a hidden type? we officially got a 64bit integer, see the changelog for version 12.096:
Code (glbasic) Select
   //    New data type: int64. Demo: LOCAL i64 AS int64; i64 = ...
   //        FILESEEK and GETFILESIZE work with int64 now.

So its just logical, that we also got an INTEGER64() converter function.
In DDGui you can not set a widget to a specific position, they are all only defined relative to each other. If I remember correctly, there is a spacer object that you can set in front of an other object to move that other object to where you want it to be.

You may want to have a look at my old DDcreator.
Yes sorry my side is still down. But the code is also in 1st post, this should be the latest version.
So if I got it right, you want to send data from one program to an other? You can do this with SOCK_ command, thats what i did between 2 instances of my DDGui-Creator.
Meine Idee für die Gesichtstexturen wäre so:
Erstelle für jede animierte Gesichtspartie ein eigenes 3D-Teilobjekt und textuiere es mit einem Atlas, die jeweils benötigte Animation wählst du dann durch verschieben der Texturekoordinaten.
Z.B. ein Quad (oder komplexeres Objekt) für die Augen-Partie. In der zugehörigen Textur-Datei befinden sich dan mehrere verschiede Augen Animationsstufen (oder einfach farbliche alternativen etc.) neben- oder untereinander. Dann änderst du die Texturkoordinaten mittels X_SETTEXTUREOFFSET und wählst somit aus, was du darstellen willst. Da du ein eigenes Objekt für jede Partie hast, kannst du diese auch alle unabhängig voneinander animieren.
Sind halt ein paar zusäzliche Objekt und größere Texturen im Speicher, aber die Polygonzahl oder Texturefüllrate sollten dadurch nicht hoch gehen, sollte von der Performance also nicht zu schlimm sein.
I would expect any half-decent compiler to do optimizations like this automatically (at least when you turn on optimizations, you should do so in GLBasic too!).
You can change the normal smoothing in GLBasic bit its quite some work. Load the model, read the data with X_GETFACE, change an then normals as you want and write a new object wit X_OBJ...
Would need a bit tinkering to get it working and would take up some execution time, but you could solve the last problem by using this converter on your models, before you provide them with your game.

Or of cause you could simply use shaders (they are the answer to almost everything, right?)^^

Actually I dont know if this really would solve your problem - since i did not fully understand what is your problem. :giveup: :S

(BTW I moved to an other city 2 months ago and still did not order internet for my home, so thats why you are not seeing me around that often)
Im not sure about POW, but MOD should be no problem at all, its often included in CPU hardware.
Quote from: ProN3rd on 2015-Sep-12Sollte ich die  Objekte direkt an der richtigen Position erstellen, oder hinterher beim rendern mit X momvement an die richtige pos verschieben?
Kannst du machen wie du willst, aber X_MOVEMENT etc. ist sicher flexibler.

QuoteSoll ich normalen maps auch mit Loadbumptexture laden? oder nur die graustufen maps? meist sind ja nur normalen maps dabei. Wie lade ich sie am besten rein?
Jo, normal map mit LoadBumpTexture laden. Bedenke, dass bumpmapping einiges an Performance frisst und leider auf Intel Grafikkarten nicht geht (k.A. wie es auf Mobilgeräten aussieht).