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Is this true or a bug? I am scaling a 1.0 sized cube to something larger but somehow the ray only seems to hit the "small" part without scaling.
What kind of format is that anyway? Has this been created specifically for GlBasic?

And is it possible to convert it into something else for other uses?
Right now, I have noticed, at a few thousand 3D objects there will be some sort of overflow(?), I guess.

Yes, I know that this sounds a little bit like overkill, but is this a deliberate restriction or just some sort of oversight/bug?
Hi all,

has anyone yet done (I know there is a solution for e.g. clipboard) an example of dropping a file into your program window, so you could e.g. automatically load the file?

is this possible?

dim x[44][]

does not work, e.g.

In AGK you can do it like that:

In GLBasic I can apparently only raycast and get the distance, but not the exact position.

Is there another way?

I think you could calculate it somehow if you have the distance (vector plus vector x distance)?
So if is huge, it has not to be re-created every time?!
Is there a way to scale models to a size of let's say 1x1. X_SCALING apparently only scales from the original size, it seems?
Is there a good-looking 3D game or demo available?
Do you think GLBasic can handle large RTS game real-time logic and AI like "Supreme Commander"?

Yes, I know the obvious answer is that it depends on skill of the programmer.  :D

In other words, how does GLBasic compare to C# Monogame, Unity, Libgdx, whatever... Not talking about C/C++, Rust and the like. It's obviously much faster than AGK (that is only interpreted and not very efficently it seems).

I am not sure at the moment how this "INLINE" stuff really works.
What is the best solution?

i cannot use foreach with non-types, can I?!

Right now I have to do something like this:

PROTOTYPE prType : a#

FUNCTION test: a#

LOCAL testPr As prType

testPr = test

FUNCTION prPass: testPr As prType


Is it possible to implement direct passing of the function:



I saw that once in the IDE. Can I do it by pressing a button or something?
GLBasic - en / Vulkan?
Hi! Cool tool you got there. I like the syntax more than AGK.

Is there any ambition to turn GLBasic into some sort of V(ulkan)Basic in the near future or are such large changes out of the question?