Tiny Request: Playing a sampleloop (not musicloop)

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Oops, sorry Spacefractal, got a little OT there.  :-[


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hihi dont worry.

I also like to see OpenAL too (its a well spread standard too), and its could even been a nice separate product if you ask me. That due you might need to include a dll for older Windows systems, but people that use its should not mind that at all. I would even pay for a cool sound system like this. But its not for anyone, hence I guess better for a separate product mightbeen. This would also mean better format support, example like ADPCM wav i would like to see.

OpenAL might not work on older platforms (gp32 or such), but hence I dont normally call sound functions directly, but first called a function first to do some job first. So its easy to change what it needed for various platforms.

Those request was just requested because I dont think its should take long time to implements and for compatible. And its would tied nicely for the Music Commands.

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Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Jan-08
I'll have a look. I wanted to either switch to SDL for windows anyway, or write my own mixer routines that would allow a lot of other messings. It's just a lot of additional work.

This would allow adjusting volume and panning during playback? If it's a lot of work i totally understand if it doesn't happen. I have many requests for in my game which sound awesome but not every idea is realistic considering time and effort and real life. However , if it does end up in glbasic i'll buy one of those sketchbooks. ;-)