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:) Or I could get the 3 ebook set, use them until they fall to pieces and then get the printed versions.



Well, the Second Edition of the GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide is here!

385 pages of GLBasic goodness all for the low, low price of £78.82 (91 Euros) for the paper version, or £4.41 for the download version or even £6.91 for the eBook one

EBook cover :

Paperback cover :


Hi :)

Just want to know, what is the different between this one :

and this one :

Attention ! I know that there is a printed book version, but here, these two products are ticked "file download", so I wonder what's the difference :) (the price is different too).

Thank you for your support.

Because same title, and they are both ebook or "file download" so what's the difference ?

thank you in advance :)


The second one is an eBook, and isn't quite as up-to-date as the book (which is also available for download).


Ok so,

I have to buy one and if I understand what you say, I have to buy this one :

Right ?

Other question : Is there some sources files available with the book download file ? I don't know because we don't have any details on this :)

Thx in advance.


Yes, thats the one to get.  The downloads are just PDF version of the book, so contains exactly the same stuff, including source code.

Hope you find it useful!


Just buy it :)


Just starting out with GLBasic this week.  Bought the book; so far I'm really enjoying it!


Hi MrTAToad.
I have bought all your books in February.

Can you have a list of changes made ​​to the second edition?

On the LULU site I saw that there are two versions of "GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide - Second Edition"

GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide (Second Edition)
GLBasic Programmers Reference Guide - Second Edition

This can confuses the buyers (in the preview I saw that the second link is the revision and the first is the revision

I have not yet had time to read the first edition, think you that it is better to upgrade to the second edition?
Do you think that is possible to have a discount code to purchase the second edition?

Thanks  ;)


As stated in the "Buy book" button - the latter link is an eBook (for some devices), whilst the former is paperback and download (for all devices).  There is no real descriptive difference between them, except the former will only work on some devices (of which I know not).

There was a discount for the second edition, probably around 2 to 3 months ago :)

The list of changes is too extensive to list, but incorporates all the new webOS and Android stuff...


Thanks for the reply.
I will buy the new version (hoping there is not a new one coming soon :P)


Haven't got plans for any more!


Ok! Thank you for your answer.  :nw:

Now I proceed with the order of the updated version  :good:.


Buy two or more, and give some to your friends! :)