Helicopter Flight Simulator Game, 2012, alpha

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Yes its fixed  :enc:
Microsoft didnt give a crud


@ Everyone:
Poll is still open and votes are changable.
Accepting new names for the poll, but please research your name a little, I will keep it open indefinetly.

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Ok i changed the poll, as some of the names were owned by xbox and a couple others.  :rant:
Anyhow, the list is a little shorter now.
If i removed your voted name, please come back and revote.
Everyone still gets 2 votes.
I have a good feeling about a name.
However, i will keep the poll open for a while longer.

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Flight Fury

I dunno lol?
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I had a feeling Blades of Thunder was a little too familiar sounding.  ::)
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Last heli-sim I played was Tomahawk on.. the CPC I think. Lovely game. Tried one recently, cant remember the name but it would have been simpler flying a real one I think, so I gave up!  :S


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Best simple heli game ever for me is zeewolf I and II. Real amazing stuff. Great music too.

But people may think that is not a ´simulator´ so, the best heli simulator there is in this world, must be Coala.

Back in 1995, I was really impressed by the virtual cockpit (first ever?) and again the music.
Really nice stuff.
The style is kind of like Armour-geddon I and II, so it was quite fast, and pretty back on those days (fast because I had an a4000 :P).

Well, as for 3d cockpits, we seem to have a new mechwarrior coming up, and the older itterations of it were awesome.
lots of  :offtopic: sorry.

edit: you can get a general idea of coala and zeewolf down at http://www.lemonamiga.com/  don´t forget to play the music too while you are there.:)
Allister Brimble is a great musician!


I havent seen anything offtopic, this project is in alpha reasearch and development phase.

I found coala in a list, but the website sends me to flikr.
Coala looks like a sim my father used to use with his R/C controller plugger into a r/c DAC in the computer.

My best helo sim experience was in microsofts flight simulator....

I liked it so much, i imported the models into Combat flight simulator to shoot down some WW2 birds :-D

ps. dont forget to check up on your vote in the poll at top.
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I just had a good chuckle when i looked up quaternions and gimbal lock.
While browsing google, I noticed a link to opengl!
Of course they have a solution(mmmhmmm)...so i check it out in the forums!

Turns out, they are having a collision of minds there.
3 guys with 3 certain points of view....hmm who is right?!
None of them are right, and no one could agree on a solution, because they all believe theyre correct.
The reason they couldnt resolve the problem, is because they didnt take into affect how opengl actually rotates an object. They were only considering a camera.
What they dont realize is.....cameras dont gimbal with quaternions, and objects do!
I knows how to fix it....the solution is far more sophisticated than some euler-matrix-quaternion conversion.
It involves multiple view ports, sprites, and only one quaternion calculation.

-Chuckling lightly, Hemlos
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So if its is so much sophisticated with quaternions, why do you use them, just cause its cool to be one of the few that understand them? :nana:
Use the matrix math that the 3DES uses, which is what i do (with improvements and bugfixes, you know where to find it, right  =D). It is fast, easy to understand and dont have gimbal lock on camera, nor objects.
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Of cause i know how to force a gimbal lock and and of cause i tested it many times, which is why i can say: there is no gimbal lock for camera and objects in my ESlite!

Here is a quick explanation how it works:
there are many ways to represent the exact same rotation with many different values for each axis, so if there is the danger of a gimbal lock in one representation, it just switches to an other representation that displays the same, but does not have a gimbal lock:
-rotation is not represented with angles form 0..360 but from -180..180
-when you change the yaw it sometimes changes the pitch too
Just short explanation, google if you want to need more (or look in the code). If you dont believe me, just test it on your own, you know where to find my lib.
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Well, i gave it a "whirl"
Nothing but errors, and i dont have the patience to fix it.
Have you tested the rotation matrix in your lib?
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Hmm starnge there should be exactly no error if used right - i did not include a test project, so it maybe is not to easy to find out how to use it. But match did it, so i guess there is no problem.
Of cause i did test everything thats in there.
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Dont call just create(), its an object.
If you want want an camera just do it so:
Code (glbasic) Select
LOCAL camera AS TEntity
camera.CreateCamera(0.1, 1000, 45)


I will send you a working example in a few minutes.
Lenovo Thinkpad T430u: Intel i5-3317U, 8GB DDR3, NVidia GeForce 620M, Micron RealSSD C400 @Win7 x64


I used it wrong, observation about gimbal is incorrect!
Thanks kano, this has been a learning experience for me, and i really appreciate your help.
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Love helicopters.
Im back, alot is new.
I am armed with a 3d particle engine, and a 3d entity system, and a 3d gravity system.
Its been years, i'm locking this topic, as im going to work on a more modern type of game.
Stay tuned in beta test forums, thats where you will find me pushing out tests.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O