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Kitty Hello

This little jump&run is a port of one of my old Amiga games I wrote back in the 90s.
It's to show what the new version of GACK will be able to produce.

Ian Price

That looks awesome Gernot :D

I'm presuming it's a platformer/run & gun like MegaMan. GACK has come a loooong way :)
I came. I saw. I played.


a new version of GACK??? is it still alive?? that is a really good news!!! :good:


Love the retro look also nice to see that GACK can now handle platformers like this.  :good:


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Yep, looking good, do you have a video of it moving about?
Spent lots of time with megaman around 93 on a CGA PC...grew found of it just because. :P


oooooh! niiiice! :)
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I can't get it to start,I get to the screen where you set the controls and can't get any further.