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GLBasic - de / Re: STRG + LEER
Last post by Worebu - 2023-Aug-14
OK, Danke. Komische Sache das.
GLBasic - de / Re: STRG + LEER
Last post by D2O - 2023-Aug-10
Steam version. Funktioniert bei mir.
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
Last post by Quentin - 2023-Jul-29
quite interesting. I asked to it to create a pong game for GLBasic and it seems, it is able to learn. But sometimes it's hard to explain exactly what I mean  =D

see chat her:
GLBasic - de / Re: STRG + LEER
Last post by Quentin - 2023-Jul-27
bei mir gehts noch. Arbeite aber mit der Steam Version 16.793
Announcements / Re: PMS... the return
Last post by bigsofty - 2023-Jul-22
Thanks Erico it's good to hear from you.  :booze:
GLBasic - de / STRG + LEER
Last post by Worebu - 2023-Jul-22
Moin Leute,
funktioniert bei Euch STRG + LEER noch ? Bei mir nicht  O_O .
Version 16.927, extra neu installiert, trotzdem nischte.
Hat noch jemand das Problem?


Announcements / Re: PMS... the return
Last post by erico - 2023-Jul-19
Sad to hear about that bigsofty, I really don't know what to say, count me up for anything you may need, even if it is just talking.

Looking forward to the screenshot. I have about 3 GLB projects here I MUST get back to.
My Joust game is like 75% complete.
3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Last post by SnooPI - 2023-Jul-18
Good news Dreamerman  :good: 

Yes, it is still in development, a 1.9 version is on the way.

I updated the engine and added an example that uses an important function for 3D games  :booze:
In the next update I will remove the "i" before each function (we know it's Irrlicht, it's not worth repeating it every function  =D )
GLBasic - en / Re: A HTML5/WebGL Journey
Last post by spacefractal - 2023-Jul-15
Greedy Mouse was not even the worst game port over to html5 and only was contains minor issues. Yes, the tile size in that game is big, hehe (200x200px).

Im could only uses one size (the game could uses 3 sizes, 50, 100 or 200px) for that port throught (the biggest one of course), due user could resize in any size.

Today im have 7 games, all using the scripts from the posttool im have done. Yes sound was quite too loud in Cave Hereos. But im do not touch the rest throught. (im not sure which games you talked about, hihi).
3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Last post by bigsofty - 2023-Jul-15
Quote from: dreamerman on 2023-Jul-14where there any updates to Irrlich in last years or it isn't in 'active development' for some time?

Last SF commit was on the 24th of June this year. So it looks to be still going strong.  :good: