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Title: Version info, industry standard
Post by: Hemlos on 2015-Aug-29
In project options, when i try to change the version info from 000.000 to 015.0829
it resets, and looks like this: 015.829
Also, i cant remove the decimal.
What are the semantics if this inst a bug?
Title: Re: Version info
Post by: MrTAToad on 2015-Aug-30
It should be in the format of [xxx].[yyy]

with xxx being the version number and yyy being the revision

015.0829 should be 015.082 (Both parts could be 4 or more characters, but as far as I know, GLBasic only uses 3).

You cant get rid of the decimal point because it separates the two revision sections (its use is standard).

I would prefer to use 4 sections (version, revision, maintenance, build).
Title: Re: Version info, industry standard
Post by: Gary on 2015-Sep-04
I agree with MrToad, a build number would be very handy especially if it auto incremented on each build of the project and reset each time one of the other values change
Title: Re: Version info, industry standard
Post by: spacefractal on 2015-Sep-04
I'm have newer used that tab, and would also been nice to set any number you desire. However there might been limites on various platform, but again I'm always just a thought version in manifest and xcode directly....