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Blender exporter for GLBasic


Hi guys sorry for this demand again, but is possible to do a new exporter for blender (now I have some skills about blender) and I like to use with GLbasic... I try to do a couple of times but I don't know too much the Blender API .
Is a special request for Gernnot, if you have time else I try to do myself.

Thanks in advance.

Or import blendfiles into GLB...
I think is easy to do, but is a bit of work...


I think this can be very good  option... Perhaps using source code of Godot Engine, can be easy to port into GLBasic or using the lib for a lot of 3d formats (I don't remind the name)

Perhaps do all this work is lose the time, I think in a little time will see al done in Vulkan.


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